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Denyse Tontz is an American actress model singer and songwriter. She has modeled for Target, Mattel, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Guess Yes, JCPenney, Mervyn's and more. Denyse is currently focusing in developing her music career as that is her number one passion. Denyse has appeared on Big Time Rush with a recurring role as one of The Jennifers, a beautiful, self-absored trio of girls most of the boys have had crushes on. She has a sister, Nicole Tontz, who was born in January 1999. She also has a little brother who appears to be around 4 years old. She played Alice in The Last Day of Summer. She also appeared in the Shake It Up episode "Weird It Up." Denyse confirmed to be working on her first album and to be releasing new songs. She released her first single Better Than Nothing and her first music video on her birthday. Denyse told a fan "more to come" referring to songs. Denyse plays both the guitar and piano. She also has her own Website where you can download her single for free. She also played a recurring role as Nikki Ortiz on Disney Channel's "Dog With A Blog" in episodes "Dog Loses Girl" and "Wingstan." She also acted in ABC's soap opera All My Children where she played Miranda Montgomery.



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