David Anthony Higgins (born December 9 1961 Des Moines Iowa [citation needed]) is an American comedic actor best known for playing the roles of Craig Feldspar from Malcolm in the Middle.

He portrays Mr. Bitters in Big Time Rush.


The brother of comedian Steve Higgins and writer Alan J. Higgins he got his major break when cast in 1995 as outspoken barrister Joe in the retooled version of the sitcom Ellen. He is perhaps most well recognized for his roles as Craig Feldspar in Malcolm in the Middle and Mr. Bitters in Big Time Rush. He has also served as a writer and co-star on the television show The Higgins Boys and Gruber and co-wrote The Wrong Guy with The Simpsons writer Jay Kogen and Dave Foley a movie starring himself and Dave Foley. He also guest starred on Nickelodeon's True Jackson VP as Dave.

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