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Dara's Stepmother is a one time character who appears once in the Big Time Rush episode Big Time Cameo. She is played by Lisa Arch.


Dara's Stepmother is in charge of her stepdaughter's show Coco.0, where she is feared by all of the staff who works there, even having all the food for the staff be nothing than sticks and other non-food items. She even said to control Dara's life. During the episode, Carlos was shown to like her but she mistakes Kendall to be the one who likes Dara and once tried to send a twitter about how BTR was bad to Dara. Later she rewrote the script saying that Coco would perform and write out BTR from the episode. However Big Time Rush was able to make it to the show but this made her angry and she admits about controlling Dara's life, luckily Katie used Dara's phone and threaten to post the video of her if she doesn't back off. So she agreed to back off and give Dara some space. 


  • During her appearance, Dara's Stepmother was shown as a stereotypical evil stepmother.
    1. Her hairstyle is a bumblebee style with a white streak.
    2. Her face is shown dark red when she's acting evil (only to be shown that someone is flashing a flashlight on her.)