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Curt Hansen is an American actor and singer. He was initially selected to be a member of Big Time Rush prior to being replaced by Kendall Schmidt. In the final show, Hansen portrays the character Dak Zevon, a heartthrob pop-star whose popularity rivals that of BTR's.

History with BTR[]

In 2006-2009, Hansen was selected as one of four members of Nickelodeon's then-untitled "boyband project", and a test pilot was filmed. Hansen portrayed a character similar to Kendall Knight in the final show; He and his friends are suddenly given an opportunity by Gustavo Rocqué to travel to Los Angeles and become a singing group. He was later replaced by Kendall Schmidt after he was deemed to look too "old" compared to the other band members, as well as looking similar to fellow member James Maslow.

Despite not receiving a lead role, Hansen portrayed the minor character Dak Zevon in the Big Time Rush episodes "Big Time Photo Shoot" and "Big Time Concert". Zevon is a teen singer famous for his role in the musical film "Varsity Vampires", and is the subject of intense fan obsession. The character is a parody of Zac Efron and his role in the High School Musical series.



  • Some of the songs on Big Time Rush's first album, BTR, still feature Hansen's backup vocals, such as "Big Time Rush" and "Big Night".