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James and his beloved Cuda.

Cuda is a grooming product. The slogan of the product is "Better wear ya 'Cuda". It produces body spray and spray tan along with other beauty products for men. James loves Cuda, but he is allergic to those items, but is still determined to wear it because he finds out in order to get rid of the allergy symptoms he has to get a huge shot and he has a large fear of needles, which you can tell because he runs out of the office screaming. You often see James throughout the episode with a Cuda product. Katie gets James a job in modeling for a product owned by Cuda which is elbow cream for the elderly. James is also seen tanning himself with the Man-gerine orange Cuda spray after he gets "Hollywood Fever". Cuda also has a senior line as seen in Big Time Jobs. The Doctor who treats James in Big Time Love Song also appears to be an avid fan of Cuda. Cuda wasn't seen in Season 2, but returned in Season 4.


  • Bear 'a' Cuda man spray (Big Time Love Song)
    • James kept using this and also uses it to impress the new girl Jo, but then he broke out in hives and his hands and lips were swollen.
  • Mangerine Spray (Big Time Fever)
    • The slogan for this product is "Makes Ya Orange".
  • Uncle Vinny's Chapped Elbow Cream (Big Time Jobs)
    • This is a cream from the Cuda Senior line designed to make senior men's elbows look less chapped and make them look younger. James has modeled this product which has landed him a spot in magazine ads.


  • This grooming product is fake.
  • Cuda appears to be based on AXE body-spray.


  • In the episode Big Time Love Song we find out Cuda man spray was recalled due to severe allergic reactions to the product, but Dr. Hollywood did not seem to have any reactions to it, only James (maybe Dr. Hollywood got a shot for hives and other allergic reactions, after all, he IS a doctor).
  • Every time James says the slogan (and at other instances), a feline growl is heard. However, the barracuda is a fish.