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"Cover Girl" is a song by Big Time Rush. It was released on November 21, 2011, as the fifth track on their second studio album, Elevate. Written by Kendall Schmidt, Lindy Robbins, and producer Toby Gad, "Cover Girl" is a mid-tempo acoustic ballad that explores themes of self-love and body image insecurities. The song speaks about "a girl who doesn't think so highly of herself," while a reassuring narrator encourages them to embrace their inner and outer beauty.[1] It was featured in the third season of Big Time Rush, in the episode "Big Time Double Date", and has been performed live on the Better with U and Big Time Summer Tours.


Big Time Rush's second album, Elevate, saw the band become increasingly involved in its creative process compared to their debut, BTR. After expressing a desire to write their own songs, Sony Music organized writing camps and ample studio sessions, where the members could work with various Sony/ATV-signed songwriters and producers.[2][3] These sessions began in June 2011, and continued up through late September.[4] Schmidt said he had about "4-6" of these sessions on his own.[2]

"Cover Girl" was written by Kendall Schmidt, Lindy Robbins, and Toby Gad, at the latter's studio in Los Angeles, California.[5] As one of two songs Schmidt co-penned separately on Elevate, the writing session was one of his first. The singer described feeling somewhat intimidated after glimpsing Gad's worklist, which included fix-ups for chart-topping hit songs by artists like Demi Lovato and Jessie J.[5] However, Schmidt said the creation of the song "flowed naturally," with the combined efforts of writing lyrics and melodies on top of producing a scratch vocal demo formulating all "within the span of only about five hours."[1] He said he felt "privileged" to work with Gad,[5] describing him as "eccentric" with a uniquely "all over the place" songwriting style.[6] Reflecting on the session, he called it "really good practice," and specifically highlighted the experience of "having him think that [his] ideas were good ideas" as a personally motivating one.[5] Schmidt left the session with a rough vocal demo, and the band later tracked proper vocals with producer Chris Rojas.[7] The final track was mixed by Serban Ghenea, with engineering by John Hanes, and mastered by Chris Gehringer.[8]

Composition and lyrics[]

"Cover Girl" is a mid-tempo acoustic ballad, with a speed of 104 beats-per-minute.[9] Lyrically, the songs tells the story of a girl struggling with insecurity and self-consciousness over her body, brought upon by unrealistic beauty standards forced on women by media. The title concept plays on the term "cover girl," referring to "an attractive, often famous, woman whose photograph appears on the front of a magazine."[10] The girl's insecurities stem from comparing themselves to these portrayals, with the narrator retelling "When you're looking at the magazines / And thinkin' that you'll never measure up." It touches upon harmful effects that these portrayals often contribute to, including low self-esteem and negative body image ("You wear baggy clothes to camouflage your shape"), as well as negative thinking and self-doubt ("You walk in rainboots on a perfect summer day / Somehow you always see the dark side, when everything's ok.") The chorus of the song sees the speaker tell the person that she is a "cover girl" to them as well as the world around them, emphasizing the power of inner beauty compared to outer image.

Schmidt drew inspiration for the song from a longtime friend, saying "It was easy to write about it because I’ve known her for such a long time." While he explained "past experiences with girls is always something you can write about," he implied songs about opposite-gender relationships do not necessarily have to be romantic, and can explore other ideas "just to be creative and different".[11] While introducing the song during a December 2011 concert performance, Carlos PenaVega said it "doesn't necessarily have to be targeted towards girls," and extended the message to "really just anyone who's ever felt like they're not beautiful."[citation needed] Schmidt hoped the subject matter could be "relatable" for any listeners who have found themselves on either side of a similar situation.[1]

Live performances[]

"Cover Girl" was debuted on the 2012 Better with U Tour, and later performed again on the Big Time Summer Tour. It was also played in 2021 in one show of the band's comeback promotional tour, Big Time Rush Live, in Chicago, Illinois.

Release and television[]

The song was released on November 21, 2011, and appears as the fifth track on the band's second album, Elevate.

IMG 1258

Kendall Knight and Lucy Stone performing a duet of "Cover Girl" in "Big Time Double Date"

"Cover Girl" is featured in the third season episode "Big Time Double Date". In the episode, Lucy Stone confides in Kendall Knight that her parents are coming to visit, and plan to bring her home, away from Los Angeles. Kendall accompanies Lucy and her parents to a fancy restaurant, where he attempts to persuade them to let her stay by lying about the details of her music career to increase their confidence. Kendall and his bandmates perform "Cover Girl" in the restaurant together with Lucy, and thanks to Kendall, Lucy's parents agree to let her independently pursue her dream of becoming a successful rockstar.

Credits and personnel[]

Credits adapted from Elevate liner notes, except where noted.[8]

  • Written by: Kendall Schmidt, Lindy Robbins, and Toby Gad
  • Produced by: Toby Gad
  • Vocal Production by: Chris Rojas
  • Vocal editing by: Jon Rezin[12]
  • Mixed by: Serban Ghenea
  • Engineered for Mix by: John Hanes


Lyrics transcribed from Elevate liner notes.[8]

I don't know why you always get so insecure
I wish you could see what I see
When you're looking in the mirror
And why won't you believe me when I say
That, to me, you get more beautiful every day
When you're looking at the magazines
And thinkin' that you'll never measure up
You're wrong

'Cause you're my cover, cover girl
I think you're a superstar, yeah you are
Why don't you know
Yeah you're so pretty that it hurts
It's what's underneath your skin
The beauty that shines within
You're the only one that rocks my world
My cover girl
Oh my cover girl

You walk in rainboots on a perfect Summer day
Somehow you always see the dark side, when everything's ok
You wear baggy clothes to camouflage your shape
Oh, but you know that I love you, just the way you're made
And when you're looking at the magazines
And thinkin' that you're just not good enough
You're so wrong baby


You've got a heart of gold, a perfect original
Wish you would stop being so hard on yourself for a while
And when I see that face, I'd try a thousand ways
I would do anything to make you smile


Whoah my cover girl
Boah my cover girl
Whoah my cover girl
Whoah my cover girl



  • Schmidt's rough demo for the song, recorded by himself, was leaked onto the Internet in November 2012.


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