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Coco.0 is the fictional TV show that Big Time Rush guest starred on in the episode Big Time Cameo. It's also one of the shows that's a show within a show.

It's a show about a girl who tries to hide her identity as a robot.

In the Show[]

The boys learn that they are going to make another cameo in a TV show. They learn that the show is going to be Coco.0. James says that all of their fans like the show and it's also Carlos's favorite. However, they come head-to-head with Dara's stepmother who happens to be her manager. Dara seems to have a crush on Carlos but the stepmother disapproves of it. She threatens to end BTR if something ever happened to her stepdaughter. After filming their appearance, Carlos kisses Dara but is then caught by her stepmother. Thanks to Katie, the boys confront her stepmother about how Dara has been treated by her very badly. Realizing that Kendall and the boys were right, she has a change of heart and lets the boys continue their filming.

The boys perform the song Confetti Falling in the dance scene of the TV show and it turns out successful.

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