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Full Name Chris Masters
Age 16 (As of the Pilot episode)

+++ (Sister)

+++ (Father)

+++ (Mother)

Resides Hollywood, California
Portrayed by Carlos Garcia

Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters is a WWE wrestler and teacher, colloquially a "WWE Superstar Super Teacher" according to Gustavo. In "Big Time School of Rocque", he is one of several apparently A.S.P.A.-licensed teachers that Gustavo enlisted to teach Big Time Rush at his "School of Rocque".

In real life, he is portrayed by Chris "Masters" Mordetzky himself, who was brought on as a guest star for the episode.


In the episode "Big Time School of Rocque", Gustavo forces Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan to attend the "School of Rocque", where they continually run off their instructors in hopes of attending the Palm Woods school instead. Gustavo threatens to call a "WWE Superstar Super Teacher," to which Kendall mockingly suggests Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters. Sure enough, "Mr. Masterpiece" is an officially licensed teacher, and he introduces himself to his new students before ripping his shirt off, which blasts the boys backwards with a powerful gust of wind. Mr. Masterpiece orders them to throw away their textbooks and perform 500 pull-ups with their desks, and the next morning, they are too sore to even raise their arms. Realizing Mrs. Knight packed them corn chowder for lunch, they hatch a plan to get rid of him.

At school, when Mr. Masterpiece is distracted while writing on the chalkboard, the four of them pour their lunches onto James' desk, who pretends to vomit. Mr. Masterpiece takes a step back as, to his horror, they each grab plastic forks and start devouring the "vomit." He screams and runs away, calling them "animals" as he runs past Gustavo.