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Chez Fancee is the name of the restaurant in Big Time Double Date. In the episode, all of the boys and their dates including Gustavo go eat here for dinner.

In the Show[]

Kendall learns that Lucy's parents are going to visit her. She is nervous because her parents are unaware that she is pursuing rock. He meets her parents and he helps cover up her rockstar career by lying to them about her studying classical music. However, Lucy is forced to admit she is a rocker but Kendall persuades them to accept her despite pursuing another career.

Camille goes on a date with Jo's co-star Jett to make Logan jealous. In the end, Logan and Camille also patch their relationship at the end of the episode after going through an on-and-off relationship.

To extend their night, James disguises as a waiter. Their performance of Cover Girl turned out to be a success and everyone all celebrates in the end. After the performance, Lucy's parents allowed her to continue her pursuit as a rockstar. The band celebrates with their dates and Gustavo for their success. However, Gustavo gets shocked when the check comes, causing his blood pressure to rise and the boys try to calm him down.

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