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Catie is the friendship pairing of Carlos Garcia and Katie Knight. They are like siblings and they have helped each other multiple times. Like Kendall, Carlos has shown love for Katie as his little sister. Kendall, Carlos, Logan and James are best friends almost like brothers so they have shown brotherly love to Katie as she always tries to help them come up with a plan. They are living in the Palm Woods with Mrs. Knight, Kendall, Logan and James. Katie and Carlos are main characters and they have both been present for most episodes. Katie has been seen helping Carlos in any way she can.

This pairing will never happen because of the large age difference and illegality of a potential relationship

Similar relationships are Jatie, Latie and Kendie.

Catie moments in the show[]

Season 1[]

Big Time Audition[]

  • Carlos went away from his mom to pursue singing but could it be that he wanted to be with Katie?
  • He along with the rest of the guys sang the giant turd song for her.
  • Katie rolls her eyes after Carlos and James start fighting.

Season 2[]

Big Time Sneakers[]

  • They were together throughout the whole entire episode.
  • They were both the Robin Hoods.
  • They teamed up together to make the candy cheaper again.

Big Time Prom Kings[]

  • Katie helps Carlos dress up before the prom.
  • She helps Carlos split up the Jennifers.

Season 3[]

Backstage Rush[]

  • Katie helped Carlos hide the cricket.

Season 4[]


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