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General Information
Shipped Characters Carlos Garcia and Sasha
Length of Relationship 1 day
Status Broken Up

Casha (Carlos/Sasha) is the romantic pairing of Carlos Garcia and Sasha. Sasha was initially hired by Gustavo to break Carlos' heart, so he could perform better the breakup song Gustavo wrote. In the end however, Sasha actually falls in love with Carlos and they go on a date in the music video of the "Boyfriend" song. Near the end, they actually break up because Carlos found out that Sasha doesn't like corn dogs.


Big Time Girlfriends[]

  • Sasha asks Carlos if he wants to eat lunch for real this time.
  • They go on the Ferris wheel together.
  • Carlos does everything Sasha wants and he hugs her.
  • Sasha admits that Carlos is sweet.

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