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This article is about the 2023 single by Big Time Rush. For the unreleased 24/seven outtake, see here.

"Can't Get Enough" is a song by Big Time Rush, released on February 6, 2023. The release is BTR's first since signing with the Berlin-based music label, BMG.[1] The song, co-written with Candace Sosa and producer Adam Korbesmeyer, is a synthpop track the band described as a "nod to the disco era".[2] Its release coincided with the announcement of the Can't Get Enough Tour, a North American headlining tour set to begin in June 2023.[3]

The song was later re-included as the first track on the band's fourth studio album, Another Life, releasing June 2.


Big Time Rush first teased the single on January 25, 2023, posting a 15-second snippet to their official TikTok account, as well as their exclusive app.[4][5] Five days later, on January 30, they formally revealed the title and release date on their social media accounts, set for February 6.[6] The announcement came as the band were in the midst of a writing camp, dedicated to finishing material for their fourth studio album.[7] In a February interview, Kendall Schmidt teased the song had "many, many siblings", which Carlos PenaVega hinted "all live in a house together," metaphorically implying a possible connection between "Can't Get Enough" and their forthcoming album. James Maslow further suggested they "might even call that house Can’t Get Enough," though Schmidt refuted this, saying they "still have to discuss it."[8][9] On April 28, the band confirmed that the song will be the first track on their fourth album, Another Life.[10]

The band recounted the creative story behind the track as "not very complicated." In a press release, the band said of their inspiration, “To put it simply, we can’t get enough. Can’t get enough of making new music and can’t get enough of performing for everyone." Explaining a tendency to draw influences from many different artists and styles, across different time periods, they described the song as "a nod to the disco era".[2]

Promotion and release[]

On January 25, the band unveiled a promotional contest in support of the single. In a social media post, the band instructed fans to reply their city, town, or school with the hashtag #BTRCantGetEnough, with the goal of selecting the most popular areas to win a special acoustic concert.[11] The winners were announced on February 2.[12] The following week, the band organized and performed three shows, visiting Maryland, Ohio, and California.


The single will be supported by the Can't Get Enough Tour, set to begin June 22, 2023.

The single will be supported by the Can't Get Enough Tour, a North American headlining tour that will span 39 shows across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.[13] The announcement came on February 6, during the band's appearance on the Today Show, where they gave a live performance of "Can’t Get Enough" and broke news of the tour.[14] Afterward, the band held a special fan meeting in Irving Plaza.[15]

On the day of the single's release, an official visualizer was uploaded to the band’s YouTube channel. Directed and edited by Aaron Gatewood, the video features clips of BTR singing and dancing to the track, edited together using a 70s-inspired aesthetic design. The VFX were created by the French Kiss Lab.[16]

Style and reception[]

Lauren Sanchez of Beyond the Stage Magazine wrote "The track is full of high-ranged vocals, mellow beats and pushes BTR into a new era of sound."[17] YouTube music critic Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop described the sound as "sugary-sweet", but ultimately found it forgettable, summarizing it as "bland and boring."[18]


Credits adapted from streaming services such as YouTube Music.[19]

  • Composed by: Adam Korbesmeyer, Candace Sosa, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega[19]
  • Vocals by: Big Time Rush[19]
  • Production by: cut&dry[19]
  • Sound engineering by: Nathan Phillips, Randy Merrill[19]
  • Mixed by: Nathan Phillips[20]
  • Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound[20]



Lyrics adapted from the band's official YouTube channel.[16]

I can't get enough of this feeling
I can't get enough
Give me more
Got me seeing stars on the ceiling
Wanna fall in love on the floor

The way you look at me
Like we got history
When your love was mine
In another time
I feel the gravity
Pulling you close to me
I won't let you slip away
I see the future in your eyes
I know you see the same in mine
I want this forever
Yeah, our hearts beating together
And I'm feeling so alive


I can't get enough
I, I can't get enough
I, I can't get enough
I, I can't get enough
I can't get enough

You got me confessing
You had me at first impression
I'm all about you, all about you
Impatiently waiting
The way you look is amazing
I gotta have you, gotta have you
I see the future in your eyes
I know you see the same in mine
I want this forever
Yeah, our hearts beating together
And I'm feeling so alive



I swear it's like the stars aligned and pointed straight to you
I can't deny you take me higher, all I want is you



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