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"Brand New" is a song by Big Time Rush, from their fourth studio album, Another Life.[2] It was released on June 2, 2023, and is the seventh track on the album.


Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt first wrote and recorded the song with Candace Sosa and producer Adam Korbesmeyer in April 2022.[3][4] Sophie Rose, who is also credited as a co-writer, joined them in the studio in October 2022.[5] Before release, Schmidt and Henderson previewed the song during a Stationhead livestream.[citation needed]

Henderson described the song as "pretty" and unlike any of their previous songs.[6] It incorporates strings, played by Tim Snider.[1]


Credits adapted from Tidal.[1]

  • Produced by: Adam Korbesmeyer
  • Composed by: Adam Korbesmeyer, Candace Sosa, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Sophie Rose
  • Backing vocals by: Candace Sosa, Sophie Rose
  • Drum programming by: Adam Korbesmeyer
  • Engineered by: Randy Merrill
  • Guitar: Adam Korbesmeyer
  • Keyboards: Kendall Schmidt
  • Mixed by: Nathan Phillips
  • Strings: Tim Snider
  • Vocal production by: Adam Korbesmeyer, Kendall Schmidt
  • Vocals: Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson



Lyrics adapted from the band's YouTube channel.[7]

One too many late nights, last call
Haven't been myself in so long
Yeah, I thought that I knew it all
Then you came into my life
And brought me back to life

I've been burned in the fire
I've been left in the cold
Rubbed me down to the wire
Maybe I'm getting too old
All of these things in my head
Circle again and again
Everything I could've said
Where do I even begin?


Make me feel brand new, new, new
Look how you changed the view, view, view
All I need is you, you, you
Then you came into my life
And brought me back to life

Everybody's always sharing all their stories
God, I'm really lonely
Oh yeah, when it all don't go as planned
Gotta fake it, play pretend
Everyone before you lost me
But you're the only one that saw me
If you ain't here with me, I don't want this with no one



Oh, the party was over
I'm everything but sober
And I was barely feeling, then I felt your touch, baby
You renew my soul
The party was over
And I just got to hold ya
In the worst way, in the worst way




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