Big Time Wedding
Season 2
Episode number 22
Airdate August 20th, 2011
Written by Jed Spingarn
Directed by Stewart Schill
Prod. code 220
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Big Time Wedding is the 22nd episode in Season 2 of Big Time Rush, and the 42nd episode overall.[1]


The king and princess of Kerplankistan, the country where Big Time Rush got a #1 record, visit America, where it is revealed that the king plans to have his daughter married to one of them. James doesn't want to marry her but asks her if he was the one she would've picked, and gives her a white rose---not realizing at first that giving a girl a white rose counts as a formal proposal of marriage in Kerplankistan. During the wedding, Kendall, Logan, and Carlos enlist the help of the king's 'dirt boy', who is the one the princess really loves, to try to destroy the wedding, for the sake of the band. During the course of this, the boys manage to get the Princess (legally) married to the dirt boy, and while angry at first, the King accepts his daughter's decision and blesses her marriage to the dirt boy.

The boys are happy for the Princess and the dirt boy, but then the King reveals that he's actually got four other daughters and that he wants the band-members to marry them, to which the boys run away screaming.


Meanwhile, Katie discovers that Buddha Bob's actually an immigrant from Canada and that he's about to be sent back there; thus, she convinces her mother pretend that Buddha Bob's her husband so he can stay in the United States. Along the way, Mrs. KnB tells them how well they know each other and marrying in front of him. After he leaves, Mr. Bitters realized that his marriage license had actually expired  eight years ago. In the end Buddha Bob helps to install dark blue tiles, which are the tiles that Mrs. Knight picked.


James: Although, she is beautiful, and I would make an AMAZING prince.

Logan: OK, stop it, stop it now!

James: He locked me in the tower! HELP!

Princess Alana: Dort Boy c;

Princess Alana: I've got to POOP! HELP!

Featured Song


  • Hamilton Mitchell previously worked with Scott Fellows on Ned's Declassified: School Survival Guide.
    • Vice Principal Crubbs, a character played by Hamilton Mitchell in Ned's Declassified: School Survivor Guide, mentioned him being a vice cop before being a vice principal in the episode "Guide to: Yearbook and Career Week". This might have been a reference to Hamilton's character in Big Time Rush.
  • Gustavo's secret passage in which one would need to solve three riddles to get to street level is a parody of Indiana Jones.
  • It is revealed that Buddha Bob last name is Poops-a-Lot.
  • You can also hear the crying sound of Baby Kate from Arthur in this episode.



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