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"Big Time Video" is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Big Time Rush. It was first broadcast on Nickelodeon on July 31, 2010. In the episode, the band learns that they will be starring in their first music video, leading them to promise several of their friends, who will otherwise be forced to leave the Palm Woods, roles. When Gustavo will not let them, they find a way to direct the video themselves and save their friends.


Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan are preparing for their first annual "Brain-Freeze Off" when they notice a young boy crying and rolling a squeaky suitcase as his mother checks them out of the Palmwoods. Buddha Bob solemnly attributes it to another crushed "Hollywood Dream". The boys are dismayed when Camille follows suit, explaining that she has not landed acting roles in months and that she and her father are moving back home to Connecticut. When Kelly arrives to inform the boys of the shooting of their first music video, "The City Is Ours", they promise Camille a role in the video.

Unfortunately, when the boys ask for help from Gustavo, he denies them any creative input, coldly announcing that he has enlisted the "hottest directors in Hollywood" to find an appropriate concept for Big Time Rush, using a fresh check from Griffin. To their further dismay, all the directors pitch ideas involving only the four of them and no one else. An exception is Marcos del Posey, who brainstorms a video with a car and girls, but Gustavo dismisses him despite his frequent and passionate attempts to convince him. Meanwhile, in the Palmwoods park, Mr. Bitters has taped off a large area so he can show off his convertible and impress the "ladies", relegating Katie and her friends to a comically small "kid's area". Katie sets out to reclaim the park from Bitters.

The boys return to the Palmwoods, where Camille excitedly asks for an update. Not wanting to let her down, the group lies and tell her everything is fine, and when they see Jo and the Jennifers crying and carrying suitcases, they panic and promise them roles as well. This continues throughout the day, with the boys extending promises to a total of seventeen of their friends, which backfires when they all show up to the Knights' apartment demanding more details. Caught in a web of lies, they only spin it further, and falsely say the label wants the video to be directed by Big Time Rush themselves. They shoot a homemade music video using their video camera, which is poorly received by everyone, including Marcos, who happens to be checking into the Palmwoods. Wanting to appease everyone, including their friends, the boys team up with Marcos, and at the official Rocqué Records video shoot the next morning, the boys trick Gustavo and steal the equipment so they can shoot their own video. Katie and Marcos, meanwhile, trick Mr. Bitters and push him into the trunk of his car, which they then use for the video.

That night, the boys excitedly premiere their video at the pool. Everyone appears happy until Gustavo and Kelly arrive to chew them out. However, Gustavo admits that the boys created a suitable video, and respects them for finding a way to appease everyone. The only exception is Mr. Bitters, who arrives seeking reimbursement for scratches to his car as well as being locked in the trunk for the entire day. As the low-budget video was able to save money from Griffin's check, Kelly writes the remainder to him, and as thanks, Gustavo adds more and buys the car from Bitters, which he dubs the "Big Time Rush mobile" and gifts to the band. The episode ends with the boys excitedly driving around Los Angeles, albeit with Mr. Bitters still in the trunk, as Logan still has two months before his learner's permit is eligible to be upgraded.


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Carlos (after he tells the Jennifers that they're in the music video he looks at the other three boys and tries to hypnotize them with his watch) You are not mad at me. You are not mad at me...
Logan Yes we are! (Jo is passing by with a suitcase and looks upset)
Kendall No! Oh no no no no no no no. (he runs up to her)
Jo Kendall, I need your help.
Kendall You can be in our video!
Jo Really?
Kendall Yep.
Jo I was just going to see if you could fix this squeaky wheel but...thanks. [she kisses him on the cheek but the others look at him displeased]
Kendall Okay, so I panicked!

Gustavo: you start to get famous, people will start to ask you for favors. Like a fashion photographer, that wants to direct a ROCK video, even though he has no experience.
Marcos: So Marcos get the job?!
Gustavo: No. (Marcos looks upset) You see what I did there? Even when Marcos starts crying (which he does), I still say...A NO. (Marcos continues crying, as he leaves) Now, go tell your friend that she's NOT IN THE VIDEO!!!
Carlos: (trying to hypnotize Gustavo with his watch) She WILL be in the video...she WILL be in the video...
Gustavo: Get out! (Carlos backs up)

(After the first "The City is Ours" music video plays)
Camille, Jo and Sasha: That is the worst music video ever.
Kendall, Carlos, James and Logan: We know.

Gustavo: All music directors are idiots. That's why I'm gonna direct the music video myself.
Kelly: Cause you're an idiot?
Gustavo: NO!

Gustavo: My video is gonna be awesome...It starts with a band...

(Kelly stares at Gustavo and waits)

Gustavo: That's all I got.




  • This was the second episode of Big Time Rush that was promoted as a special, the first being "Big Time Sparks".
  • Lady Gaga, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and fellow Nickelodeon property The Fresh Beat Band are referenced as credits in Buddha Bob's fake music video portfolio.
  • The "Big Time Rush Mobile" is a Pontiac GTO, a famous American muscle car model from the 1960s.
  • Though BTR get to keep the car permanently as a gift from Gustavo, it is not referenced again in later episodes of the show.
  • The boys' final music video contains some footage from the real-life music video "City Is Ours", directed by Petro.