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Big Time Tour Bus
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Season 4
Episode number 6
Airdate June 6, 2013 [1]
Directed by Carlos Pena Jr.
Prod. code 411
Guest starring Victoria Justice
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Big Time Rush "Big Time Tour Bus" Promo dir

Big Time Rush "Big Time Tour Bus" Promo dir. Carlos Pena


Big Time Tour Bus is the 6th episode of Season 4 of Big Time Rush and is the 67th episode overall. It premiered on June 6, 2013. It also the first episode of the series directed by Carlos Pena Jr., one of the members of Big Time Rush.


The guys are on a two-week long radio tour to help promote their third album, but on the way to their next performance in San Diego, they get stuck in a massive traffic jam. Victoria Justice, who's also touring with them, has to perform extra sets of her music to buy time for them to get there.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Carlos discover a website called, where an anonymous hater keeps posting bad information about the band, specially about Kendall and Jo's relationship.

On the other tour bus, James and Logan get into an argument over Logan's well-meaning, but rigid and perfectionist tour habits. James ends up hurting Logan's feelings, but feels badly later when Logan points out his own habits are aggravating him, too. After James finally sees all the hard work Logan puts himself through to make sure things run smoothly for the guys while they're touring, he realizes he was wrong, but mentions to Logan that he isn't the easiest person to tour with, either. Logan agrees to admit to that if James apologizes, which he does and they make up.

To make Kendall feel better, the guys show him some of the good feedback they have received over time, which inspires them to make a music video dedicated to all their fans.

Song Featured


  • [At the concert, the crowd is getting irritated]
  • Victoria: (to Gustavo) I am ALL out of songs!
  • Gustavo: You have a Christmas album, right?
  • Victoria: Gustavo! It's June!
  • Gustavo: PLEASE!
  • [Moments later]
  • Victoria: (wearing a Santa hat) Let's do this!


  • Carlos Pena Jr. directed this episode.
  • Victoria Justice guest stars as herself.[2][3]
  • This episode is a reference to the Summer Break Tour, in which Victoria Justice joins BTR on tour.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Kendall says to Carlos, "You're directing - is that really a good idea?". This is most likely a reference to the fact that Carlos directed this episode.
  • There is a reference to Victoria Justice's song, 'Shut up and Dance', from the episode 'April Fools Blank' of the Nickelodeon show 'Victorious'.
  • This episode doesn't take place in Palm Woods.
  • When Kendall Is searching on internet under windows down music video we can see in small big time rush (wikipedia) and the description is : big time rush (also know as btr) is an american boy band who first found fame with their tv show big time rush....,but they are actually in a show and they are not playing themselves.
  • When is playing the video with kendall and jo you can see other fake videos like super  cool music video (official video) learn how to clean vcr in 105 minutes.
  • This episode air up on Nick Asia "All Mixed Up" week alongside with Big Time Secrets, iParty With Victorius, iSaw Him First (iCarly), Big Time Marvin (Marvin Marvin) and Crazy Ponnie (Victorius). 
  • Running gags: 1) The radio host seems to be breaking the fourth wall by saying things that sound as an answer to what Mrs.Knight just said, but they turn out to be song titles. 2) When Kendall is about to answer hater's offensive comments, someone says hating a hater makess you a hater. 3) Victoria Justice coming off the stage, saying she has no more songs to sing and is upset about the boys still not being there. 




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