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"Big Time Tests" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Big Time Rush, and the sixty-fifth episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on June 27, 2013.


Logan brings Carlos along to the MCAT test as his good luck charm while James becomes obsessed with relationship quizzes. However, Carlos ends up getting a perfect score on the MCAT, causing Logan's dreams of becoming a doctor being crushed. Carlos starts to show off his medical skills, impressing everyone in The Palm Woods while Logan is pursuing a new career. He ends up being recruited by Mr. Bitters to work alongside him as apartment manager. It is then revealed that Carlos guessed all of the questions on his test much to the shock of all of his friends. Not long after, Logan then notices Mr. Bitters choke on a corn dog and saves him. Carlos admits that he would make a perfect doctor and lets him pursue his medical dreams.

Subplot #1

James is still coping with his feelings about Lucy after he learns from Kendall that she's going on a tour in Europe. He takes a relationship quiz with Kendall but is then offended with all of his answers, causing James to not talk to him. Kendall tries to persuade him that his answers are honest but James takes them too personal. Realizing how much James means to him, Kendall quizzes James on their friendship and patches things up with him in the end.

Subplot #2:

Meanwhile, Katie, Gustavo and Kelly are forced to test out Griffin's latest products from RCM/CBT/Globolnet/Sanyoid for today's finicky tweens, the modern working woman and anyone who wants to lose 20% of their body size, starting with Sanyoid's Mulitpurpose Massage Chair, which shocks Gustavo after it was Katie's turn. Later, when Katie gets a juice box and drinks it, she spits it out, and finds from Griffin that it is RCM Foods Power Juice, which is made with vitamins, minerals and tiny chunks of FISH. Katie goes to the bathroom to throw up while Griffin agrees that he and his lab technicians should improve the flavor. They then test out Globalnet's new auto-bright light switches, which saves time and energy. And when Kelly showed in the recording studio, the light switches turn on. But they were two bright that she falls down. Griffin agrees about how too bright they were, as well. Then, they test out Sanyoid's new 4D TVs that were so real, you'll jump out of your seat. And when Gustavo turned the TV, bats appeared in it, which scares Gustavo. Griffin then tells his technicians they should bring the realness down 30%. Later, Katie, Gustavo and Kelly tell Griffin that they are done testing his products and how they were bad, and that he can't keep them at Rocque Records against their will. But Griffin says the RCM Remote Family Security Home Control system can, and that it keeps unwanted intruders out and unruly teenagers in. Griffin then tells them that they're not going anywhere until they finish testing his products. The three tried to escape but because the Home Control system closed and locked at the doors in the studio, they couldn't. So they are trapped inside, and surrounded by Griffin's crazy tests, and that they could be anywhere. But according to Griffin, they were two tests left, starting with RCM's Innovative Wall Conferencing System, which he appears from and that it works great. And it finally comes to the final test, the Weight-I-Ator. Gustavo tells Griffin that they are not testing that thing till he tells them what it does. Griffin says that it is a internal cell accelerator that vibrates access weight at such hyper speeds that it reduces your body size up to 20% instantly. Griffin then askes the three who wants to go first and that its revolutionary. Katie sees the hose connected to the product down below and shows it to Gustavo and Kelly. Kelly says to Griffin, "And nobody leaves until we test it?" Griffin says that she is correct. So they test it... on Griffin. They turned the Weight-I-Ator around and it shrunk his body down a little, even his voice. He then declares the his product was a huge success. Gustavo askes him if the three can go now, and he says they can, and his lab technician unlock all the doors. And before they left, Katie tells Griffin that he and his lab technicians might want to get working on a reverse setting on the Weight-I-Ator, and he agrees.

Song Featured


  • Mrs. Knight: "So are you and James back together?"
  • Kendall: "Yep!"

  • Logan: Corn dogs are not the answer to everything.
  • Carlos: Yes it is! (Holds up test).


  • This episode was originally named "Big Time Test" without the s at the end.
  • It was revealed that James' birthday is September 4.
    • This also reveals that Kendall and James' favorite colors are blue (Kendall) and purple (James).
  • Kendall and James first met at a kid's 5th birthday party.
  • James has had a crush on Lucy since Big Time Rocker.
  • This is the second time Carlos gets a better grade than Logan. The first one was in Welcome Back Big Time.
  • After Carlos gets 100% on the MCAT test, this leads more or less to an identity theft - Carlos says he's going to be a doctor and that he's the smart one - which is usually Logan.
  • In this episode James acts as though he and Kendall are in a relationship, then break up and get back together. He is talking about their friendship using romantic relationship terms.
  • In the end, Carlos reveals that he only scored perfect on the test because he circled the answers to read "CORN DOGS" and when Bitters is suffocating and needs an actual doctor, Logan performs the Heimlich maneuver on him and saves him, proving that he is the real talented doctor.
  • Running gags: 1) Buddha Bob trying to be a stuntman and people saying he can't. 2) Carlos saving Logan from getting hit by something falling by hugging him.
  • This is the lowest rated episode on IMDB, at 7.1/10.
  • At the beginning as the theme song starts to play, Logan breaks the fourth wall by noticing the song starting and responding with “No Uh-ohs! Positive energy!”
  • The machine Griffin used to accidentally shrink himself would be used again in the future Nickelodeon series Henry Danger in the episode “Henry the Man-Beast”.
  • In Lucy Stone's European tour, she performs at these cities: Munich, Nice, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Dublin, Prague and Venice.


  • Kendall signed Bitters' shirt with KS (Kendall Schmidt) instead of KK (Kendall Knight). This is probably because the boys use their actual real life signatures for the show.