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"Big Time Strike" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Big Time Rush and the fortieth episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on October 10, 2011.


The episode starts when the boys are singing their new song Superstar, in the middle of the song Gustavo shocks them with his latest gadget. The boys are not happy and make it clear that he has shocked them at least 4 times while they were dancing in the bathroom and while they were at break. Gustavo says, "More rhythm, less bathroom, no breaks." When they complain to Kelly, she tells them normally she would totally object to Gustavo using that, but they really need to get Superstar done fast.

But after getting one shock too many they decide to go on strike. The boys elect Kendall to be their leader and he elects Carlos to be the muscle of the operation. When James asks why since he's physically the strongest in the group, Kendall reminds him of how Carlos took on the entire eighth grade in middle school. Remembering that and admitting that it was impressive he gives Carlos his support. After Logan volunteers to make picket signs for their protest march, Katie arrives and asks what they're doing, and they reply that they're sticking it to the man. Katie expresses her interest in helping, so Kendall puts her in charge of supplies. They plan to use signboards and show they want to expel him from everything he has, even his mansion. They said they will stop striking if Gustavo gives them sundaes, a jacuzzi, and other things. Throughout their strike Gustavo and Kelly make it clear to the boys that they are not giving in to the boys. First, they post call the agency to send them all the hot teenage males to Rocqué Records.

Gustavo fires the boys, making them to return to their crib and they plan to make their own music video using The Giant Turd Song. This fails and the boys are tired from working and Kendall reliefs that shocking is way worse than no resting policy.

Meanwhile, Gustavo decides to make his own music video with him dressings up like the guys. Then he asks Kelly what she thinks of it. But then faints due to sickness, shocking, and disgust. Then Gustavo decided to call the guys and make an actual video. So, the guys arrived with Kendall's mom and demands that they provide no shocking, at least a half-hour break, and respect. But Gustavo says no respect, resulting in shocking. Until they agree and they make a music video for Griffin, which he loves. Then Griffin tells them that they need to make another music video and he is not leaving until getting one. Then Gustavo shocks him with a lot of shocking power and he hits the roof. He says that a break is good, and he will come back next week.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight is on strike because Katie said that her job is not "rocket science". Then, she gets offended and goes on strike. Mrs. Knight gives in to Katie when she admitted that moms have a harder role than rocket scientists and she turns to their negotiator.


Kendall: Gustavo, we both know that I'm wearing a tie. [the boys all point at Kendall's tie] And we also know that Griffin wants a song from Big Time Rush, tomorrow.
James: And we're Big Time Rush. Which means, where's my hair salon!?

[While James and Logan are striking]
Logan: What do we want?!
James: An ice cream sundae bar, a personal hair salon, a petting zoo, brunch with Wayne Gretzky, a hot tub, a second hot tub- You know what, we need a shorter chant!
Logan: (Opens his mouth to respond, when he notices James' sign. Which says, "Hi, I'm James") Have you been holding that sign the whole time?
James: Uh, yeah.
Logan: What does that have to do with striking?
James: Uh, I'm striking. (Does his signature hand gesture)


  • When the four boys rush out to chase away the talented boys from an agency Kendall and Carlos are without their picket signs then when Katie arrives both of them appear with their signs

Running Gags[]

  • Every time the guys turn their sign around a new thing appears written.
  • Gustavo shocking the boys (or threatening to shock them).


  • When Gustavo introduces the shock system to the guys, he cites psychological studies by B. F. Skinner involving operant conditioning.
    • However, he misuses the term "negative reinforcement," which in actuality, is to take something negative away in order to encourage the behavior in the future. Shocking the guys is actually positive punishment, which is giving something bad to the boys in order to discourage their behavior.
  • They revealed that the album is coming out soon.
  • This episode also aired on Columbus Day, making Big Time Rush the third Nickelodeon show (after The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and SpongeBob SquarePants) to air a new episode on Columbus Day twice.
  • This is the first time that each of the main characters except Kelly are equal antagonists to each other or others.
  • Gustavo tried dealing with the strike by replacing BTR with new teenage male singers and outright firing them. In real life it's illegal to hire new workers when your other employees are on strike.
    • However, Gustavo did agree to end all the shocking in exchange for BTR ending the strike, but BTR still refused because they wanted Gustavo to give them an ice cream bar, a petting zoo, hot tubs, and a hair salon. Therefore, Gustavo can legally fire or replace them.
  • The music video for The Giant Turd Song uses the same effects as Oh Yeah from Big Time Songwriters.
  • Kendall, James, Carlos, Logan, & Katie had their signs saying "Uh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" meaning they broke the 4th wall, or many people came here (crowd) to talk to Gustavo.
  • The music video portion for Superstar, is actually the final episode to be filmed. James Maslow reveals they don't film in chronological order.[1]


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