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"Big Time School of Rocque" is the third episode of the first season of Big Time Rush, and the second episode of the series to be aired on Nickelodeon. It was first broadcast on January 18, 2010. In this episode, Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan learn that they must still complete schooling while staying in Los Angeles, and are frustrated to learn that Gustavo will not allow them to attend the Palm Woods school, instead forcing them to his own "School of Rocque" at Rocque Records. The boys set out to thwart Gustavo's plans and live their fantasies at the Palm Woods school.



The Palm Woods school.

Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan have grown accustomed to their relaxing "sing-cation" at the Palm Woods. To their horror, however, Kelly informs them that instead of heading to the studio that day, they will be going to school, explaining that all minors working in the entertainment industry must attend a minimum number of hours of school each day. She is interrupted by a stampede of young Palm Woods residents, whom Tyler explains are on their way to the Palm Woods' school, where fractions are taught using pies and class is occasionally held outside at the pool. Their newfound excitement is deflated upon learning that instead of the Palm Woods, they will be attending the "School of Rocque" at Rocqué Records, run by none other than the self-acclaimed "Principal Rocque". In their supply-closet classroom, Gustavo explains that lunch breaks will be "harmony breaks" and field trips are to the recording studio, as to not lose any work time. Meanwhile, an unsuccessful session of homeschooling leads Mrs. Knight to seek to enroll Katie in the Palm Woods school, but Mr. Bitters explains that, per Actors, Singers, and Performers Association (A.S.P.A.) mandate, all Palm Wood students must be an active performer in film, music, or television. Under the condition that he become their talent manager, Mr. Bitters provides them a list of open casting calls for television commercials, and the Knights set out for auditions.

Back at the School of Rocque, the boys are introduced to their instructor, a bitter boy-band reject named Mr. Smitty, who continually interrupts his own math lessons to scream about how Big Time Rush's own dream will soon be crushed. Zoning out, the four students daydream about the Palm Woods school and imagine lessons filled with water-gun fights and bungee jumping, leading them to start plotting their escape from the School of Rocque. Having an idea, they convince Mr. Smitty to again pursue his dream, helping him record a demo track in the studio and sending him off with a ticket to Germany. The boys celebrate before turning around to face an angry Gustavo, who assures them that he will not give up. Thanks to Gustavo's A.S.P.A. handbook, over 10,000 licensed teachers are available at his disposal, including a stern karate black-belt named Mrs. Chisdak, who leaves after the boys grant her the keys to Gustavo's Porsche, and even W.W.E. superstar Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters, who runs away, horrified, after they disguise the corn chowder from their lunch bags as vomit on James' desk, and disturbingly eat and rub their faces in it. In the "principal's office," Gustavo refuses to let them have their way, exiting with evil laughter as their next teacher is on their way. Having been thrown Gustavo's handbook, Logan realizes that it outlines not only teachers but also the rules that all recognized A.S.P.A. schools must follow, such as student entitlement to hot lunches, outdoor breaks, and insterscholastic sports programs, hardly any of which Gustavo has allowed them. Grinning at each other, the boys hatch their next plan.

In the meantime, Mrs. Knight brings Katie to a variety of commercial auditions for bizarre products, such as "Poopenusil" and "O'Chippigan's Chips". Katie cannot resist making fun of them, and she is not chosen. At the next audition, for "Suds-O" detergent, Katie and Mrs. Knight are mocked in the waiting room by a boy named Elliot and his mother. They both assault their respective foils, to the horror of everyone around them, including the director.


A basketball game in the dance studio.

The boys dump their personal belongings in the control room as well as Gustavo's office, and inform their newest teacher that he is allowed a personal day, all of which Gustavo is unable to put a stop to per A.S.P.A. legal requirements. As a goat passes through his office (all students have the right to an official mascot), Gustavo follows it to the dance studio, where before him a basketball game is starting between Big Time Rush and the cast of Hopeless Housewives, complete with cheerleaders and a stadium of fans. He watches speechlessly as the opposing team dunks the ball to win the game, collapsing the hoop onto his drumset. Gustavo erupts, calling the boys to his office, where, to everyone's confusion, he expels them. Gustavo is too proud to outwardly admit defeat, but this "punishment" allows the boys to go to the Palm Woods school.

The following morning at the Palm Woods, a new commercial is premiering, surprisingly starring Katie and Elliott tackling each other until Mrs. Knight walks into frame and advertises Suds-O. Now an eligible A.S.P.A. student, Katie joins the boys for their first day at the Palm Woods school, while Mr. Bitters shows off his newfound wealth from his manager's cut. Before Miss Collins, the Palm Woods instructor, can finish the first sentence of her lesson, the boys jump up on their desks and pull out water soakers, excitedly spraying everyone around them while Carlos dines on a pie. Instead of the parties in their fantasies, the boys are met with a room of confused and dirty looks. The episode ends with the boys exasperatingly writing on the chalkboard in detention.



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In January 2010, is episode premiered to 6.8 million viewers, breaking the record for highest-rated premiere for a live-action series in Nickelodeon's history. While the hour-long "Big Time Audition" is officially the first episode of Big Time Rush, its airing in 2009 was promoted as a "sneak preview," with "Big Time School of Rocque" being advertised as the series premiere.




  • The portrait which Gustavo displays in his "principal's office" is (for unknown reasons) of former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • The end of Katie's television commercial continues in the background as Mr. Bitters exits, and Mrs. Knight can be seen trying to break up the fight between Katie and Elliott while the Suds-O product floats on screen.
  • The logo for Suds-O detergent appears to resemble the real-life Tide brand.
  • The title of the episode is a parody of the 2003 American comedy movie School of Rock. Coincidentally, in 2016, Nickelodeon would host another live-action series titled School of Rock.
  • The opposing basketball team that BTR faces is, according to James, "the cast of Hopeless Housewives." This work is a parody of the American comedy/drama mystery series Desperate Housewives, created by Marc Cherry and first aired on ABC in 2004.


  • Before Carlos reaches for his A.S.P.A. booklet in the bathroom, the first part of the shot where his arm grasps at the toilet paper roll is slowed down and appears choppy, which was likely done to extend the duration of the shot.


James: Tyler why are you so excited about?
Tyler: Today the class takes lessons outside!
The guys: Lesson at the Palm Woods...The guys imagine the lesson out the Palm Woods School...
Kelly: Come on, You're gonna be late for school.
Kendall: Mine had globe beach balls.
Carlos: Mine had pool pie.
Logan: Mine had a low student-teacher ratio.
James: But how are we gonna get rid of Mr. Masterpiece?
Kendall: My mom packed us corn chowder for lunch today, right?

Kelly: Just let them go to the Palm Woods!
Gustavo: The day I let them beat me IS THE DAY I-is that a goat?

Kendall: You know the rules with sport at the school level right?!
Gustavo: WHAT?!?!
Logan: And you like our goat? The name of goat is Gus, short for Gustavo!z

Gustavo: Hey!
Kelly: Hey, if you can't beat them, join them.