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"Big Time Scandal" is the second episode of the fourth season of Big Time Rush, and the fifty-ninth episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on May 9, 2013.


Big Time Rush "Big Time Scandal" Promo! Airs May 9th 2013


Lucy "swifts" the band by releasing her single "You Dumped Me For Her" about Kendall choosing Jo over her. Kendall and Jo go to talk to Lucy at her music video shoot to try and convince her not to tell the public that Kendall is the guy the song is about. Kendall says to her that even though she may hate him that if she "swifts" him she's swifting the whole band and that they don't deserve it. But Lucy surprises them both by saying she doesn't hate him and that she loves the guys.

Lucy tells them not to worry and that she won't say the song is about Kendall but when Kendall lists the ways the song is inaccurate she gets angry and tells him she's calling a press conference and says she's going to tell the world that he's a total jerkface. Realizing the scandal is much bigger than they are, Kendall and Jo enlist the help of Buddha Bob, Jett, Camille, and the guys so they can talk way too much to prevent Lucy from saying anything. The day of the press conference, all of them are in disguise as reporters and try to avoid Lucy from talking about her song. After Buddha Bob blows his cover, Lucy was ready to expose Kendall but Logan, Carlos and James, who just got out of their own scandals, also appear in disguise and speak on his behalf. Even if the others were helping Kendall, it was Logan that saves the day and explains that he was confused about his feelings and that he felt remorse after breaking up with her. Realizing the truth, Lucy lets Kendall off the hook and says that the song isn't about him specifically but rather a combination of guys she's gone out with in the past.

Lucy also points out that she and Kendall didn't really date long enough to be considered an official couple as they only had two dates together and only kissed once. She tells the audience (but mostly to Jo and the boys) that it was great seeing them again and thanks them for coming. As Lucy walks off stage she sees Kendall and Jo in the audience silently thanking her and she winks at him. The guys and Jo finish the day with a happy ending until they figure out Lucy is moving back in The Palm Woods.

Subplot 1

Meanwhile James is upset over the negative publicity the band's getting (and that he can't make out with Lucy) and as a result he and Katie create an internet rumor that he is doing a duet with Cher Lloyd on her new single "With Ur Love". To start it James sneaks up behind her in the recording studio and lip-syncs along with Cher to make it look like they're performing together while Katie takes the picture and posts it online. James continues to hide from Cher when she shows up at their doorstep angry about James' lie. Cher eventually catches James but when she does, she tells him she isn't mad and that she was getting great press about it. She then forgives James and tells him that she is visiting her director in the hospital because he posted the video without her approval. James is then cheered up and goes to Lucy's press conference to defend Kendall. She asks Katie about how living with the band is and Katie tells her the difficulty behind it.

Subplot 2

In the meantime Carlos and Logan are helping old ladies but E News keeps takes pictures at the wrong time and it looks like they are doing bad things like hitting them and stealing their purses. To counter the bad press Kelly tries to videotape them helping Gustavo disguised as an old lady across the street but they keep failing. However footage from the Rocque Records security cameras exonerates them both and Carlos and Logan get out of their scandals. [1][2]

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Song Featured


  • Carlos: Swifted? What is swifted?
    Logan: It's what you call it when you date Taylor Swift, do something stupid, then she writes a hit song telling the entire world that you're a total jerkface.
  • Kelly: You guys! Your old friend Lucy Stone just came out with her first CD and everyone is RAVING about it.
  • BTR: Awesome, cool, that's awesome for her!
  • Kelly: Yeah... wait 'til you hear her hot new single that dropped today. "You Dumped Me For Her" - IT'S ABOUT HOW KENDALL DUMPED LUCY FOR JO AND IS A TOTAL JERKFACE!
  • Kendall: Oh no. I've been swifted!


  • This episode marks Malese Jow's return to the series as Lucy Stone.
  • In the Nickelodeon Poland version, You Dumped Me for Her was played instrumentally. However, in the next episode, it was played originally.
  • David Cade returns as Jett Stetson.
  • Terrance Jenkins real-life co-anchor of E! News appears as himself.
  • Cher Lloyd's song With Ur Love can be played whenever she is talked about.
  • Lucy's song "Elevator Kisses" is a reference to Big Time Surprise where she and Kendall kiss.
  • This is the second time Buddha Bob has blown his cover while helping Kendall. The first time was in Big Time Prom Kings.
  • Scott Fellows intended for Lucy Stone to stay in the Palm Woods which explained the video No Idea but Malese gave a notice at the end of Big Time Decision that she had a project indoors and as the contract said she could leave the program if the artist was offered work on a short film. Finally the decision had to be made and was decided and Scott had to choose Jo instead of Lucy as he planned.
    Scott Fellows: The note of a new celebrity “less known” saw that Cher Lloyd was perfect for the project I had in mind. And he talked again about the issue of Jendall vs Kucy. Since the songwriting style of Taylor Swift to break up with someone could be a good way to show how Kendall would feel when Lucy “left” so I decided it would be a good way for Malese to return to the program again the rocker as it is.
  • Camille's plot to help the boys includes a plug for her appearance in the movie "Rock Camp 9: Still Campin'" which is a parody of the Camp Rock DCOMs.
  • The mention of blowing up Cher's car with fireworks was a reference to real-life that involved the boys and fireworks.
  • There's a mention where Kanye blocked Taylor from being Swifted. 
  • They were already and almost been in a scandal from the episode, "Big Time Contest."
  • This episode along with the next episode can be done as a movie since Lucy has a crush on Kendall.
  • The episode shows the band being on opposite sides of the press. James being on the good side but Kendall, Carlos and Logan being on the bad side.

Running Gag

  • When James said he wants to make out with Lucy, Logan, and the others all said: "try again".
  • Gustavo and Kelly screaming at the headlines.
  • Gustavo kept getting hit by a bus.