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"Big Time Rush" is the theme song of the Big Time Rush television show and the first promotional single released by Big Time Rush. The song was made available for digital download on November 23, 2009,[1] and was later included as the eleventh and final track on the band's first studio album, BTR.

The song was written by Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, Charlie Midnight, and Scott Fellows.

Composition and recording[]

"Big Time Rush" is the eponymous song by Big Time Rush. Scott Fellows, the creator of Big Time Rush, is credited as a writer in addition to professional songwriters Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, and Charlie Midnight who, in collaboration between Nickelodeon and Sony Music, were enlisted to create original music for the show.[2] After filming the original test pilot for Big Time Rush, then titled Brand New Day, Fellows came up with the name "Go Big Time" for the band and show.[3] With input from James Maslow and Carlos PenaVega, the word "Rush" was brought up, and Fellows eventually decided on "Big Time Rush". Logan Henderson explained that "rush" is a "hockey term", which fit the show's premise of the four eventual members of BTR starting out as hockey players from Minnesota, further saying "It's whenever you go for the goal and you rush; it's kind of like what we do with our group and then with the show it's kind of just go for it."[3]

The song was recorded before Kendall Schmidt was selected as the fourth and final member of the band's final lineup, as pilot actor Curt Hansen's backup vocals are still present in the official studio version of the song. In November 2009, prior to the official premiere of "Big Time Audition", certain television promos aired on Nickelodeon included snippets of the version with Hansen.[4]


"Big Time Rush" was first showcased in the series premiere of Big Time Rush, which is also the first episode in the show's first season. The hour-long episode first aired on Nickelodeon on November 28, 2009. In the episode, Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell, four hockey players from Minnesota, receive the opportunity of a lifetime when they are flown out to Los Angeles to record demo tracks as a music group, under management of Hollywood mega-producer Gustavo Rocque. Gustavo writes a song titled "Girl Time" for the group to record as their first single, but the boys write a song called "Big Time Rush" upon deciding on a name, and request to use their song instead. The boys give a performance for Griffin, the CEO of Rocque Record's parent company, who greenlights their project and gives them an additional three months to develop the band before they are expected to begin performing and releasing music.

The song is the main theme for Big Time Rush, being featured during the opening credits sequence of each and every episode of the show. The second verse of the song is also played during the end credits sequence.

"Big Time Rush" was released for digital download as Big Time Rush's debut promotional single on December 3, 2009.[citation needed] It was later included on the Best of Season 1 EP, released in 2010, and appears as the eleventh and final track on the band's first studio album, BTR.

Credits and personnel[]

Credits transcribed from the liner notes of BTR.[5]

  • (Composed by) Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, Charlie Midnight, Scott Fellows
  • © 2010 M Gerrard Music (ASCAP)/Halaron Music (ASCAP)/Bay Parkway Music (BMI)/Tunes By Nickelodeon Inc. (ASCAP)/Music by Nickelodeon Inc. (BMI)
  • Produced by Matthew Gerrard
  • Arranged by Matthew Gerrard
  • Mixed by Travis Ference & Matthew Gerrard
  • Engineer: Travis Ference
  • Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
  • Programming: Matthew Gerrard


Oh, oh, Oh, oh
Oh, oh, Oh, oh
Oh, oh, Oh, oh
Make it count, play it straight
Don't look back, don't hesitate
When you go big time
What you want, what you feel
Never quit and make it real
When you roll big time
Hey (oh) hey – Listen to your heart now
Hey (oh) hey – Don't you feel the rush?
Hey (oh) hey – Better take your shot now
Oh oh, (hey) oh, oh

Go and shake it up, what ya gotta lose?
Go and make your luck with the life you choose
If you want it all, lay it on the line
It's the only life you've got
So you gotta live it big time

Oh oh, oh, oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Step it up, get in gear
Go for broke, make it clear
Gotta go big time
Make it work, get it right
Change the world – overnight
Gotta dream big time
Hey (oh) hey – Give it all you've got now
Hey (oh) hey – Isn't it a rush?
Hey (oh) hey – Finish what you start now
Oh oh, (hey) oh, oh


Look around
Every light that's shinin' now
Is brighter somehow
Look around
Nothin's really as it seems
Nothin' but dreams
You and I
Gonna make a brand new sound
Like we own this town
We can fly
Now our feet are off the ground
We'll never look down
Welcome to the big time
All the pretty people...see 'em walkin' in the sunshine
Welcome to the good times
Life will never be the same


If you want it all, lay it on the line
It's the only life you got
So you gotta live it big time



  • In live performances, the song is often performed as a mash-up with "City Is Ours".
  • In the original, unaired pilot for Brand New Day, the band performs "This Is Our Someday" for Griffin at the end of the episode instead of "Big Time Rush".
  • Some time after the original release of the single, the cover artwork was replaced with a new one, the latter containing the updated Big Time Rush logo.
  • A song demo named "Big Time Rush", recorded by professional songwriter Nasri Atweh, was leaked online in the early 2010s. As Atweh wrote songs such as "Big Night" and "Beautiful Christmas" for the band, it is possible Atweh may have written the track as a possible theme song for the show.
  • This was the first song that the band has ever performed live (next to "Stuck"), their first ever live performance was at the annual Nickelodeon upfront presentation in New York City on March 11, 2010.


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