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Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume One is a home media release featuring eleven episodes from the first season of Big Time Rush. It was released in 2011.[citation needed]

According to the Big Time Rush: The Complete First Season release, the volume of episodes is titled Halfway There (a reference to the song "Halfway There").


"From hockey to Hollywood, join Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan as they begin their journey to stardom! Hangin' poolside at their apartment complex, The Palm Woods, chilling with the ladies (or at least trying to get their attention!); and working hard day in and day out—singing, dancing, making music videos, and more. These guys are learnin' about the dedication, determination, and friendships they need to make it big time!"


Disc 1[]

Disc 2[]

Special features[]

  • "Big Time Break" with Trivia Option
  • Photo Flipbook
  • Full Screen Format
  • Dolby Digital