Big Time Rush: Live from Times Square
Season 1
Episode number Special
Airdate August 20, 2010
Guest starring Jordin Sparks
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"Big Time Concert" "Welcome Back Big Time"

Big Time Rush: Live from Times Square: Join Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan of Big Time Rush in their first-ever concert special, recorded live in New York City. Big Time Rush: Live from Times Square is a special where BTR perform in Times Square, New York. The special show the guys meeting a few fans and then going around New York before being introduce by Jordin Sparks. The guys start the concert and perform Famous, City Is Ours & Big Time Rush.


  • In "Big Time Concert" the guys dream of playing a gig in the middle of Times Square.
    In real life, they actually did."It was so surreal that it doesn't even seem real," Logan Henderson told the Daily News a day after more than 2,500 fans crammed the streets of New York's crossroads to see he and his co-stars perform live.
    "What we filmed was a dream sequence (for the episode), which is ironic because it was a real dream for us," said Henderson.
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