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"Big Time Rides" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Big Time Rush, and the sixty-fourth episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on June 20, 2013.


James buys a motorcycle to try to impress Lucy. Kendall teaches Jo how to drive a stick-shift but they keep fighting. Carlos and Logan hold on to a childhood treasure, an old wagon they used to love.


Lucy accepts his date with James and also lets her ride on the motorcycle. Katie, however, notices that he is lying about the bike because James couldn't seem to figure out how to handle it. She then forces James to sell but he refuses. Lucy calls off his date with James after learning he can't learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Kendall and Jo's relationship is put to the test when she is learning how to drive stick using Gustavo's Porsche. Kendall is nervous because Gustavo would get him if him and Jo damage his car. However, they constantly argue during the lesson and it ends up going out of hand. After the car automatically backs, Kendall tells Jo to brake up but misinterprets it as break-up. In the end, they patch things up, causing them to rekindle their relationship and Jo is able to master stick-shift.

Carlos and Logan recover their old wagon and play around with it much to Gustavo's chagrin. He forces them to give it up but they refuse because it has been a part of their childhood. Kelly helps Carlos and Logan upgrade it and use it to try to make it faster. Unfortunately, it ends up getting destroyed by Gustavo's car while Kendall was helping Jo. Gustavo learns that Kendall was using his car and ends up chasing him after near ruining it.


  • Kendall: We should break up more often.
  • Jo: Nooo!
  • Gustavo: Is That My Car
  • Kendall: No, Yes See You Later
  • Jo: Not A Scratch
  • Kelly: Yep


  • The guys rode some Go-Karts or motorcycles in this episode.
  • The name of the episode was confirmed by Carlos Pena.
  • This episode was originally going to be named Big Time Race.
  • When Jo mentioned that she was auditioning for a young Danica Patrick she stated that she was playing Danica "before she did terrible commercials" most likely referencing the Go Daddy commercials that Danica has done.
  • Carlos hints that the guys are facing adulthood in this episode meaning they are turning 18 soon or they are already 18.
  • In the flashback Kendall wore a Choose180 necklace. The necklace was made by Kendall's mother Kathy Schmidt.
  • James is trying to “learn” how to ride a motorcycle, while in real life he already knows how to. On the other hand, Kendall is trying to teach Jo how to drive a stick shift, but in real life he has no clue how to do it.
  • The motorcycle James buys is a Harley-Davidson XL 883 Sportster
  • The car that Kendall and Jo "borrowed" from Gustavo is a 2009 Porsche Boxster convertible
  • This is the only episode in which Lucy appears that Camille does not appear in.

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