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"Big Time Returns" is the second episode of the third season of Big Time Rush, and the forty-seventh episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on June 25, 2012.[1]


Big Time Rush Season 3-Big Time Returns Clip 1

Big Time Returns Clip 1


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Big Time Returns Clip 2



The guys return home from their tour as celebrities however their priorities remain the same relaxing and meeting girls. Meanwhile Griffin pressures Carlos to pick his top song prior to a radio interview Kendall and James fight about Lucy and Logan tries to get Camille to make the first move in their relationship.

James attempts to kiss Lucy but as usual, rejects him. She ends up running into Kendall and tries to talk to him about the tour. However, James finds out about this and confronts Kendall about it. When Lucy comes back, Kendall then refuses to talk to her and he tells her that James has dibs on her. Thanks to this, Lucy calls dibs on Kendall by telling the other girls to not look at or talk to him and kisses him on the cheek. As a result, Kendall is forced to run in his underwear.

Logan also hopes to patch things with Camille by having her tackle him. However, Camille then tells Buddha Bob about this and he tells her that he needs to make the first move. Learning the Buddha Bob was helping her, he confronts Buddha Bob but he puts Logan in his place telling him about how him and Camille have been on-and-off and how he hasn't been committed. They run into each other but end up getting hurt in the process. In the end, they hold hands, showing that things have been patched up.

The episode ends with Logan and Camille becoming a couple once again. Lucy gives Kendall another wink showing that she does in fact like him even though she "un-dibbed" him. Carlos picks BTR's newest song "Windows Down" as the song to play on Jojo Wright's radio station, glorifying Griffin and Gustavo in the process. The boys celebrate by eating their desserts. However, they end up eating the wrong ones and are forced to run in their underwear. All the boys finally run in their underwear with Mr. Bitters' last Big Time Experiences when Mrs Knight is chasing him while riding with a horse.

Guest Stars[]


  • Jojo Wright guests stars as himself in this episode of BTR. He has also confirmed it by twitter:
    • "Warning: I'm an actor now! "Battlefield America" hits theaters June 1st! Also I'm guest starring on @bigtimerush tape nxt week!"
    • "HAHA! I tape the episode next Friday I think I play myself...@ImagineSam@jojowright I am HONESTLY so excited to see u on Big Tme Rush."
    • "True taping next Fri not sure of air date yet... Hey @JoJoWright is it true your gonna b on @bigtimerush
    • "Hey @bigtimerush I just got my script for this Friday's BTR shoot. My character's name is "JoJo" What a coincidence!!!
  • Camille and The Jennifers return! Erin Sanders (Camille) tweeted: "Ditto! =D RT @kelligoss" Excited to get back to it! (& to see you) RT @ErinZariah "I start back filming Big Time Rush Season 3 this Monday!"
  • More Lomille in Season 3! Erin Sanders (Camille) also tweeted: "I start back filming Big Time Rush Season 3 this Monday! This episode will be fun for all the Lomille lovers out there haha... =)"
  • "Nothing better then starting off your morning with a run through the stage in your boxers! This ep. should be fun! Here we go.#BTRSeason3 And here is the proof! ;)"
  • They started filming this April 10, 2012. But the song was recorded 1 month later and sent in June.
  • This episode aired the same day that Big Time Rush's single "Windows Down" was released.
  • It also aired on the 1-year anniversary of "Big Time Break Up".
  • The episode breaks the fourth wall 2 times when James said "Maybe things will be different this season" and when Jojo said: "Now let's head back to The Palm Woods so we can wrap their show."
  • Viewership 2.3 million
  • This is the first time we see Logan Mitchell without a shirt like Kendall in Big Time Reality and Carlos and James in Welcome Back Big Time.
  • After this, the music video was put in a Single Album.
  • Every time Griffin and Gustavo argue over if the boys should sing "Love Me Love Me" or "Elevate" a portion of either song plays in the background.
    • Coincidentally, both of them were from their second album "Elevate".
  • There are some references to the beginning of Season 2. Except in this episode, they're now famous.
    • The residents in Welcome Back Big Time are new but in this episode, they're friends with the band. Also, the boys went through different conflicts in both episodes.
  • When this episode aired in the UK, the parts in the Windows Down music video with the boys jumping off the rocks were replaced with other scenes or cut out entirely.

Running Gags[]

  • Logan trying to get Camille to make the first move.
  • Mr. Bitters's Big Time Experience.
  • The boys running in their underwear (specifically, Kendall).


Kendall: Lucy is the love of your life?
James: Well, she's smart and hot, so yeah!

Katie: But if you knock on her door, isn't that you making the first move?
Logan: *silents* don't question love science!

Logan: Why are you telling Camille to avoid me, huh? I want some answers, NOW!
Buddha Bob: Well, clearly you have commitment issues and you'll never be a steady boyfriend until you conquer your insecurities and your fear of rejection
Logan: They're not those answers!



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