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"Big Time Prom Kings" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Big Time Rush, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It first aired on Nickelodeon on May 21, 2011, as part of the network's "Prom Night" event block.


The Palm Woods school is having its annual prom and Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan are all determined to win the title of Prom King - and each will do whatever it takes to win. Kendall learns Jo is grounded & can't leave the house because of the incident Monday night, Kendall & Jo were watching the sky & Jo reminded Kendall that her curfew was 10:00pm and Kendall looked at his phone revealing that it was midnight. Carlos masters up the guts to ask one of the Jennifers, he & Katie devise a plan to split them up so she won't reject him. It comes to a success when they split her up with the blonde Jennifer at the elevator.

Carlos shows up with flowers & asks her. She looks surprised as she walks backwards into the elevator & says sure. Meanwhile Logan is trying to cope with Camille having a date to the prom that's not him and jealously overtakes him as he tries to prevent them from becoming prom King and Queen. In the process of helping James get a date so he will for sure win prom king with Aubrey Stewart (Parody of Kristen Stewart) from "The Vampire Stories Chronicles Saga Trilogy," they go to her house and Logan, in a disguise knocks on the door and 3 security guards come out of the door. James pushes him into them as the guards beat on Logan.

Aubrey walks through the door as James checks her out & asks her to prom, she says yes. Katie gets Carlos a corsage, James takes a corsage to Aubrey but the guards ruin it. Kendall sneaks Jo out of the house but at the prom, she's a little paranoid because in this episode we find out her dad is an agent, which Jo is not allowed to talk about. To ensure that she is still in her room, they use Buddha Bob to pretend he's Jo. However, he ends up breaking character and Jo's dad goes to the prom to find Jo. Carlos is un-attracted to Jennifer after she's a little different than she is with the other Jennifers, so he breaks up with her making her cry and as a result, they all run after him. Meanwhile James makes Aubrey cry, confessing he only brought her, so he would win Prom King. The guards run after him & he hides in the bathroom while Logan finds Camille and asks her for a favor.

James & her switch outfits by leaving James in her dress & they both sneak out of the bathroom. Kendall and Jo are about to slow dance but Jo's dad picks up Jo and he escorts her and Kendall out of the prom. Gustavo & Kelly read out Prom King & Queen but all the couples are unable to do so because of drama. Gustavo decides that whoever is in the spotlight wins. To Logan and James' surprise, they are caught in the spotlight & in the end they win Prom King & Queen.


Gustavo: And the winners are...Logan and Jamie...
Kendall: Wait you said "We"
Jo: Is that you date? (She pointed to guitar dude's guitar)

Logan: Well, you aren't the prom king, but you are...
James: DON'T... say it!


  • This episode is supposed to air before Victorious then they made the decision to air it after Victorious.
  • Out of every episode of this series, this is the longest episode with a length of 28 minutes (excluding commercial breaks), however, in 2018 reruns (only in Poland, Russia, outside the USA, etc.), some scenes were cut out of the program (removing up to 5 minutes of time) due to programming time issues.
  • Kendall talking to Jo through her balcony is a reference to the tragedy Romeo and Juliet.
  • It is revealed that Jennifer 1's last name is Woods.
  • James' date for the prom is a parody of Kirsten Stewart the famous actress from the Twilight Saga and will be mentioned again in Big Time Contest.
    • Coincidentally, The Vampire Stories Chronicles Saga Trilogy is also a parody of the Twilight Saga
  • James dressed up as a girl. This was the first time James dressed as a girl the other guys have dressed as girls before. Logan in Big Time Break, Big Time Crush and Big Time Songwriters, Kendall in Big Time Sneakers and Carlos in Big Time Live & Big Time Pranks
  • In this episode Carlos gets his first-ever kiss although it's not directly on the lips.
  • This episode aired on the famous "May 21, 2011 Doomsday" date along with a new episode of Victorious (Prom Wrecker).
  • The boys all competed for Prom King and each of them loses due to their own conflict (Kendall gets apprehended by the CIA, Carlos gets beaten up by the Jennifers, James upsets his date and tries to sneak away (dressed as a woman)). Logan ultimately wins the title due to being chosen by "the Spotlight Vote".
  • It is revealed that Jo's dad is in the CIA.
  • The book that Buddha Bob is reading is the same as the one Mrs. Knight is holding in Big Time Crush.
  • The boys' traditional line before the intro is played using their radio.
  • James and Carlos are the two members to make their dates cry.
  • This episode airs before starting Season 3 (& and while filming Secrets).