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Big Time Pranks II
Pranks 2.png
Season 4
Episode number 7
Airdate June 13, 2013
Written by Lazar Saric
Directed by Jonathan Judge
Prod. code 406
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"Big Time Tour Bus" "Big Time Rides"

Big Time Pranks II is the 7th episode of Season 4 of Big Time Rush and is the 68th episode overall.


The episode opens with the guys and Katie watching the annual countdown clock to the Day of Pranks. As it reaches zero Kendall and Katie the co-King and Queen of last year's Day of Pranks bring out the divided crown and place the two halves together. The battle this time is between the adults and teenagers. The adults want to prove to the teens that even if they're older, they want to still have fun like them. Thanks to Logan, the teenagers are on the verge of winning. However, Kendall and Katie end up losing as Mrs. Knight jumps in the air and shoot each other with confetti. In the end, the adults win the competition. As the crown re-assembles itself a fishing net from the second-floor terrace scoops it up and shows Mrs. Knight on the other end proclaiming the Day of Pranks will still continue.

Guest Stars

  • Chris Fabregas

Song Featured


  • James: “You just lost a FIRST CLASS TICKET on Air Diamond. And THERE’S NO standby! … unless you wanna make out?”

Order of Elimination in The Day of Pranks: Kids Vs. Adults

  1. Logan: Sneezed powder on himself
  2. Mr. Bitters: Pranked out by Kendall's "I.P. Freely" phone call.
  3. Buddha Bob: Glued stuck in a ventilation duct by Katie and Carlos putting a Hit Me sticker on his butt.
  4. Kelly: Scared by Camille with a fright mask provided by Logan
  5. Obdul (Griffin's assistant): Flung into the Palm Woods pool by Logan's booby-trapped scone picnic
  6. Jett: Hit by a marshmallow fired by one of Griffin's Black Ops
  7. Jo: Hit by a marshmallow thrown at her by one of Griffin's Black Ops
  8. Camille: Hit by multiple marshmallows fired by Griffin's Black Ops
  9. Black Ops: Eliminated by Kendall, Carlos, James, Katie and Lucy after getting confetti launcher guns from Logan.
  10. Griffin: Blasted with confetti by Kendall Carlos and James
  11. Carlos: Hit in the nose by a plastic sucker dart fired by Mrs. Knight
  12. James: Hit in the forehead with a sucker dart fired by Gustavo while saving Lucy
  13. Gustavo: Blasted by Lucy's confetti launcher
  14. Lucy: Blasted by Mrs. Knight's confetti launcher
  15. Kendall and Katie: Blasted by each other's confetti launchers when Mrs. Knight did a sky-high split-kick out of the way.

Winner: Mrs. Knight


  • The episode is the sequel to Big Time Pranks.
  • The irony of the episode is that Logan dresses up like Atticus Moon, the villain in Big Time Movie.
  • Carlos and the cast revealed that in Season 4 there's going to be an episode dedicated to the art of Pranking just like the episode Big Time Pranks.[1]
    • Coincidentally, Lazar Saric, the writer of this episode, previously wrote Big Time Pranks.
  • There's a new record for Logan Pranking himself out once again. [2]
  • After constant rejections, Lucy finally shows feelings towards James after he saves her from being pranked, hinting that they may become a couple in the future.
  • Jo, Lucy, and Camille walking slowly is a reference to The Jennifer's.
  • The adults make references to the previous Day of Pranks (Big Time Pranks).
  • Technically from a perspective when Katie and Kendall blast each other with the confetti launchers, Katie shouldn't have been out as she blasted Kendall first. Then Kendall blasted her so Kendall was out before Katie. Meaning Katie was still in the game.
  • This was the second time they sang the Confetti Falling, The first time was Big Time Cameo.




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