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"Big Time Party" is the tenth episode of Big Time Rush's first season. It first aired on Nickelodeon on April 9, 2010.


Gustavo throws a party celebrating the band's album production but the boys find out that they are not invited to their own party. They want to throw a party at 2J but Mrs. Knight doesn't allow them to because they already have 2 warnings. And 1 more than they're out of the Palm Woods... A pillow fight involving everyone at the Palm Woods in the lobby - warning 1. And letting a giant octopus into the pool - warning 2. and if they violate Mr. Bitter's rule once more they will be eventually kicked out. However Mrs. Knight and Katie are off to San Diego and the boys decide to hold a 'social gathering' where everybody is allowed to only invite three guests. Carlos doesn't know who he should invite and invites the first three people from his phone contacts. He accidentally invites 'All Contacts' thinking that this is a person called 'Al Contacts' and hence the "social gathering" gets out of control. Bitters makes his way up to 2J when he suspects there's a party, so Kendall and Jo play music and make noise in the hallway to lead Bitters off the scent of the party. Meanwhile, James and Carlos bring the party down into the pool area which freaks Kendall out. Logan is trying to date Mercedes and Camille at the same time because they have both fallen in love with him, and he doesn't know what to do (Camille and Mercedes discover what he is doing and chuck him into the pool).


Gustavo's formal party turns out to be very dull and boring. Griffin and the other members of the recording company are bored and it's assumable that Fujisaki, the founder of the recording company, might die out of boredom. Kelly and Gustavo try to bring some cheer and excitement into the party but all their attempts have failed. They then call Carlos to tell him that he and the other boys should come to the party but he refuses. Gustavo and all the other guests go to the party at the Palm Woods and Fujisaki and all the others enjoy themselves.

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Carlos: I couldn't decide, so...I texted the first three people on my phone: Abigail Aaron, Andrea Adams, and "Al Contacts".
Kendall: [takes Carlos' phone] This says ALL contacts!

(more excited people storming into the apartment)

Camille: (acting) Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
Logan: Uh, no, it is not hot in here. I was just making these here pizza bagels.

Kendall: So, you like hockey?
Jo: I hate hockey.
Kendall: (chokes on his beverage) I'm okay. (coughs)

Mercedes: (crying) I hope you're happy, Logan, because my heart is shattered and I will never love again. (Guitar Dude shows up, Mercedes stops crying) Hey, you're cute. You're my new boyfriend.
Guitar Dude: Cool. (Mercedes swipes Guitar Dude away and Camille stares at Logan intimidatingly with her arms crossed over her chest)
Logan: I'm really sorry. I was a jerk. So, you're really mad at me, right?
Camille: Oh, big time. And in fact, I have decided I am not talking to you for one whole week... but we can still dance.
Logan: You're really cool. You know that?
Camille: (covers Logan's mouth knowing she is still incensed at Logan's behavior) Shhhhhh. No talking.
Logan: (mouths) Okay.

James: We're teenagers! If we don't party, we could DIE.
Carlos: (chants) Party! Party!
Kendall: But, guys. We can't party at the Palm Woods.

Kendall: You know, Jo, we're all gonna be laughing about this someday!
Jo: (laughing) Well, I'm laughing about it now!

Kendall: So we DO have these things in common; like tricking building managers, dancing, and hockey!
Jo: Yes, yes and still no!

("Famous" plays as everyone has a good time poolside)

James: Well, dude. It's official.
Carlos: We're the Hollywood Super Party Kings of Hollywood.

Kendall: (pushing Jo out of the room) No, no, and let's talk about this on our way into the lobby.
Camille:(to Kendall) Hi, have you seen Logan?
Kendall: Sure... lots of times.



  • The "Hollywood Super Party Kings of Hollywood" make their first appearance in this episode. They appear again in Welcome Back Big Time.
  • This is the first episode filmed in 2010, which started filming between the first few days of 2010.
  • This is the second time we see Carlos and James playing with their food. The first time being in Big Time Mansion.
  • Since the episode takes place after Big Time Demos, Mercedes is still trying to pursue Logan.
  • This is Mercedes Griffin and Fujisaki's second and last appearance on the show.
  • This is the first time James says Hollywood twice with Logan telling him he said it twice followed with James responding "You bet I did!" The second time was in Big Time Beach Party, but James said party twice with Logan telling him he said it twice and James responding, "You bet I did!"
  • This was aired a day before filming "Big Time Concert".
  • Ciara & Challen only make a cameo in this episode.
  • Error: Gustavo and Kelly, dressed in Russian acrobat costumes, are stacking up a tower of four chairs. The first chair is placed right side up facing backwards as usual and the second chair is stacked on top of the first chair upside down facing forward where the two ears of the first and second chairs touch the front corners of the seats at each other. Kelly stacks the third chair right side up facing forward on top of the second chair. Gustavo stacks the fourth chair upside down facing backward where the seats of the third and fourth chairs touch at each other and then the second, third and fourth chairs start to fall down, not the first chair, and the seat of the second chair is dropped down as well. However, in the next scene where the man sitting in front of Arthur Griffin and Obdul Reid is about to be hit by the tower of four chairs, all of the four chairs fall down, the two ears of the third and fourth chairs touch the front corners of the seats at each other and the seat of the second chair is not dropped down.