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"Big Time Moms" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Big Time Rush, and the thirty-third episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on May 7, 2011.


James gets an unexpected visit from his mother Brooke (Lisa Rinna). She is an accomplished businesswoman who wants to mentor him to follow in her footsteps and eventually take over the family cosmetics business. James himself, Kendall, Carlos and Logan do everything they can to convince James' mom to let him stay in LA. However, James remembers a previous event when they were young and how Kendall's, Carlos's and Logan's moms made her change her mind. Kendall realizes that they need other moms to beat another mom and they ask Mrs. Knight and Logan's and Carlos' moms to help. When they arrive, all three tell Brooke that the boys' friendship is important to them and that breaking up the band isn't a good move for her and James.

In the end it turns out that James' mom didn't want him to take over the family's business but she only wants him home because she misses him. So the other moms (Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Mitchell, and Mrs. Garcia) help Brooke (James' mom) in a nicer way to stay in contact with James. In the end, she lets James stay in LA and continue performing in BTR. Realizing the silence, the boys and them all celebrate by jumping in the bounce house.


Meanwhile Mr. Bitters mom comes to the Palm Woods to see him. It turns out that Mr. Bitters lied about his job to his mom and said that he is a successful veterinarian with a wife and a son. This plan works at the beginning with help from Buddha Bob and Katie Knight but eventually Mr. Bitters' mom found out the truth when a resident at The Palm Woods complained to him. The funny thing is that Mr. Bitters' mom did not realize Mr. Bitters' true job as manager instead she thought that Mr. Bitters is a CIA agent and he had to lie about his "true" life in order to protect his mom.


Kelly: Kiss your mother, Hortense!

Kendall: Hey, Mrs. Diamond. Me, Carlos and Hortense are here to see James.
Brooke: I don't like the name Hortense. Call him Logan from now on.
Logan: She was right about my name.

Brooke: Snowboarding lessons are too dangerous. You will all take ballet lessons instead.
Boys: Alright.
Carlos: I'll learn how to pirouette.


  • This episode is a part of Nickelodeon's "Mother's Day Weekend". This episode counts as a special.
  • In this episode we learn that Mrs. Knight's name is Jennifer, meaning there are four Jennifers at the Palm Woods and in the series.
  • Mrs. Mitchell's full name is Joanna Mitchell and she is a real estate agent.
  • Mrs. Garcia's full name is Sylvia Garcia and she is an I.T. System Analyst.
  • Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Garcia walking together is a reference to The Jennifers.
  • James's parents are revealed to be divorced and apparently have some serious issues with each other (both before and after the divorce), because James explains to Gustavo and Kelly that his parents haven't really "talked" since they got divorced and especially not after James's Dad got remarried to a woman who's fifteen years younger than [James's dad] (revealing that James's also has a stepmother).
  • Logan's real name is actually Hortense, but was changed by James' Mom.
  • There has yet to be a Father's Day episode.
  • Carlos and James are the only characters that showed both parents. Carlos's dad in the episode Big Time Break meanwhile James's dad (possibly) appeared in Big Time Concert.
  • 80's rock singer Lita Ford made a special appearance as herself in this episode.
  • The Bouncy House in this episode was originally used in The Fresh Beat Band episode "Bounce in the House"

Running Gags[]

  • Mrs. Knight asking for peace and quiet.
  • Mr. Bitters trying to impress his mom.

Guest Stars[]

  • Lisa Rinna as Brooke Diamond
  • Jill-Michele Meleán as Sylvia Garcia
  • Holly Wortell as Joanna Mitchell
  • Lita Ford as Herself