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"Big Time Merchandise" is the fifth episode of the third season of Big Time Rush, and the fiftieth episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on July 16, 2012, to 1.4 million viewers.[citation needed]

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Big Time Rush gets their own action figures however they soon find out that those action figures can embarrass them like no one has ever done before. Therefore they have to come up with new merchandise to sell and edit what the action figures say.


Big Time Rush is excited for their merchandise. During the meeting, in which the boys, Gustavo, Kelly and Griffin participate, the marketers show the new merchandise: Big Time Toilet Plungers, Horse Shampoo and Action Figures. The boys find it unusual, since this is not what they expected, but they do agree that the action figures do not look creepy. When it turns out that the action figures are the worst, since they embarrass them with lines they never said, the boys (especially Kendall, who is horrified that his own doll talks like he is a baby) are aghast, alongside Gustavo and Kelly. Griffin nevertheless says that he loves the merchandise, much to the dismay of the boys, Kelly and Gustavo.

The boys attempt to protest, saying that this merchandise is highly unpleasant, with Gustavo agreeing, adding that he doesn’t think of Horse Shampoo, when he thinks of Big Time Rush. Griffin nonchalantly says that this merchandise is what Sam Selmart (Rob Paulsen) loves.

Once Griffin and the marketers left the scene to show the merchandise to Sam, the boys and Gustavo began to yell in fury at the studio. James says that if the people find out about the merchandise, the Big Time Rush will be an embarrassment. Logan began to cry as he doesn’t want to be seen as an embarrassment, listing the bullying he went through as a kid, but Kendall, James and Carlos say that they were sorry. Gustavo declares that this merchandise will never be shown and proves his point by throwing away the toilet brushes that James holds.

Kendall organizes plan: him (Kendall), Carlos, Kelly and Gustavo stay at the studio to take care of the dolls and make them talk like the real BTR talks. Logan and James stay in the room to make a perfume with Logan’s chemistry knowledge.

During their mishaps with merchandise of their own, Kendall and Carlos argue on which line their dolls had to say. Eventually, all is done. They went to Sam Selmart company and meet him in person.

They show him their merchandise. Unfortunately, the deal went south. The action figures have combinations of the lines of Kendall, Carlos and Gustavo and they say:”You’re stupid!” and “Shut UP forever!!”, which baffles Sam.

Realizing this, the boys threw the dolls away and James shows Sam their perfume and when he sprays, he accidentally blinds him. As it turns out James put hot sauce in the perfume. Sam runs around in pain, before falling to the grounded injured. The boys, Kelly and Gustavo cringe in horror, realizing that the deal went south.

The next day, the news are on: Sam Selmart’s deal with the marketers went south and it led to his hospitalization. Griffin is upset that the boys, Gustavo and Kelly disobeyed him. He told them that he will personally show the true merchandise Selmart was supposed to see. He also told them that they should apologize to Selmart for hospitalizing him and paining him with their merchandise.

They have returned to the studio. Sam is bedridden with his eyes and bags are noticeably red courtesy to James’ perfume fiasco. Griffin attempts to show the true merchandise, but to his shock, Sam revealed that he never liked the ideas of toilet brushes and horse shampoo. Knowing that they can not show the true merchandise he wanted, the boys threw it off.

Griffin shows the action figures with true lines. Sam is unimpressed, but is mildly impressed by the boys saying that they are robot zombie fighting action figures. They also claim that they can fly. Sam says that he likes it and asks how do they work. When Griffin threw the figure, it ricocheted right into the button at Sam’s bed, causing the bed to slingshot Sam right at the boxes, injuring him even further. The boys, Kelly, Gustavo and Griffin cringe in extreme horror.



  • This is the lowest viewed episode of the series to date with 1.4 million views.
  • Kara Tolbert guest-starred as Miss Jones.[citation needed]
  • This episode aired on James Maslow's birthday.
  • One Direction Katy Perry Usher and Justin Bieber were mentioned in this episode.
  • Logan revealed that James Carlos and Kendall "bullied" him in elementary school.
  • Carlos Garcia saying the action figures can fight Robot Zombies is a reference to Carlos Pena Jr.'s love for The Walking Dead.
  • Rob Paulsen makes an only live-action appearance as Sam.
  • Selmart is a parody of Walmart.
  • Smellevate is a portmanteau of smell and elevate.
  • Running gag: Logan mentioning being bullied when he was a kid and the boys yelling "WE SAID WE WERE SORRY!"
  • Error: Challen Cates was accidentally credited during her absence.
  • There's a gag when those people said "We said we were sorry," to Logan.


Action Kendall Kendall's gotta go potty!
Kendall I do not say that!

Logan I hate being laughed at. Like that one time in the third grade when those kids pantsed me in the cafeteria.
Carlos Kendall & James WE SAID WE WERE SORRY!!

Kendall Um tree hats have solved a lot of problems!

James Bieber’s got one Ushers got one and we smell wayyyy better than them.

Carlos Let's get a hang down low o the snip-snap!
Kendall STOP IT!

Katie Haven't you ever heard the expression the customers are always right?
Mr. Bitters I don't listen to hip hop.

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