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Big Time Marvin
Season 1 (Marvin Marvin)
Episode number 19-20 [1]
Airdate April 27, 2013[1]
Written by Carly Althoff & Luke Giordano
Directed by Jonathan Judge
Prod. code 114-115
Guest starring Big Time Rush as themselves
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"Big Time Bloopers" "Big Time Invasion"

Big Time Marvin (Big Time Klerg [2] or Klerg Time Rush[3]) is an episode of Marvin Marvin. Big Time Rush appears as guest stars of themselves and their Marvin Marvin special is set to be an one-hour event.


Marvin and Teri go to a Big Time Rush concert where chaos ensues when the singers get abducted by the Klerg and Teri gets mistaken for a Klutonian.[4]


When Teri and Marvin went to a Big Time Rush concert the band gets kidnapped by the Klerg and they disguise themselves as BTR. The Klerg try to find the Klootonian by detecting a certain dance but the Klerg see Teri dancing and mistake her for a Klootonian. Marvin has to save Teri before the Klerg take her back to their planet.[5]

Featured Song[]


James: We got some really great things planned for my hair. I'm gonna open with some gel, ha ha! And then for the encore I might go for some mousse.

James: We're gonna get him Big Time. What? That's what I think the real James would choose to do.

Big Time Rush: Bye Mommy!

Kendall: Now move your bodies in whatever odd fashion your physiology dictates.
Logan: Excuse my bandmate! What he meant to say was please rotate your appendages in a rhythmically appropriate manner.

Kendall: “I knew I should’ve come as a solo artist.”

Kendall: You guys took the whole cart?
James: I couldn't leave these shirts behind. It'd be like leaving a bunch of beautiful babies, beautiful babies that look just like me.
Carlos: And check out these glow sticks. They're sticks that glow.
James: They are.

James: There must be something we can do to repay you guys.
Teri: Go out with me!
Pop-Pop: Easy, rockstar, that's my granddaughter.
Teri: Oh you stay out this old man!
Liz: Dad, he's been in a freezing cold asteroid hurtling through space and his hair still looks perfect!


  • They start recording the finale in December 2012.
  • This is the 2nd cross-over episode for BTR. The 1st being How to Rock an Election.
  • Big Time Rush performed a song in this episode. [6]
  • David M. Israel is a part of the crew and developed a show How to Rock which also had a crossover episode with Big Time Rush. 
  • This episode's premiere date has been switched more than five times.
  • Marvin makes a reference to his actor Lucas Cruikshank and his Internet character FRED (a young boy that talks in a high-pitch voice) when his voice is high from Helium and he said it'd be weird talking like this.
  • The Big Time Rush impostors are brothers.
  • The Big Time Rush impostors added a frequency to the song Halfway There that only Klootonian can detect and it makes them dance in an specific way.
  • This episode was counted as a Marvin Marvin episode and not a BTR episode. Because of this it was the series finale of Marvin Marvin.




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