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"Big Time Lies" is the third episode of the fourth season of Big Time Rush, and the sixtieth episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on May 16, 2013.


Kendall's mom tells him that he and Jo have to get used to living with Lucy again. With Lucy back at the Palm Woods, drama begins to unfold when Lucy starts to flirt with Kendall. To avoid problems with Jo, Kendall decides to keep it a secret that Lucy is talking to him again. It begins when Kendall and Jo are at the pool and they are listening to Like Nobody's Around. He suddenly hears You Dumped Me For Her on the radio after switching stations. Nervous, Kendall goes to get his MP3 player but encounters Lucy in the process. She first tries to kiss Kendall in the elevator, but he runs away. Kendall encounters Lucy again and she attempts another kiss, but he is caught by Jo. She also tells him song titles like "Blow You a Kiss" and "Kendall Dumped Jo Because He Realizes He Still Likes Me". Kendall continues to lie to Jo usually resulting in his pants bursting into flames, but later Kendall confesses to Jo due to assistance from Mrs. Knight. He tells Jo that if he lied to her, they would break up again. Lucy admits she is not really interested in Kendall again as she is only doing it to start drama as a songwriting technique. Both Kendall and Jo agreed each other. To sum up, Jo and Lucy finally become friends.


James and Carlos are playing a game of soda bowling when James tells himself if he gets a strike Lucy will love him. James completely misses it and because of the soda can being shook it completely explodes and destroys Gustavo's office. Afraid of getting in trouble with Gustavo James and Carlos tell him the studio was robbed and when the police arrive, they say the same thing. Carlos keeps trying to tell the truth only to be stopped by James. He tells the officers that the robber looked like a cowboy pirate and soon enough suspects are pulled into the police department for them to report which one. Carlos tries to tell the truth again, but James says it was Cowboy Pirate number 2 and he is arrested. At the end of the episode James and Carlos confess but the police say they knew that they were lying the whole time and they were just waiting for a confession much to Gustavo and Kelly's annoyance.

In the meantime, Dr. Hollywood helps Logan lie about being sick, so he doesn't have to go to a long and boring play with Camille. Camille, however, tells Logan that he should've just told her he didn't want to go so they won't break up. They go to the play and Camille even admits that the play was boring.

Song(s) Featured


  • Kendall: Logan, have you spotted the nest?
  • Logan: I am unable to hack into Bitter's system. And I'm a little freaked out by his screensaver.
  • James: Okay. Now that that's out of the way. Carlos and I are off to Rocque Records; why don't you tag along, and you and I can, I don't know make out?
  • Lucy: James, I'd rather eat hair.
  • James: YOU WILL BE MINE!!!


  • They started recording this episode on January 15, 2013.
  • The episode heavily impacts the Kucy relationship.
  • This is the second time Jo has caught Kendall flirting with Lucy in the elevator. The first time was Big Time Surprise.
  • James and Carlos being tied up in Rocque Records is similar to the situation Kendall and Logan being tied up while running a daycare in Big Time Jobs.
  • Buddha Bob burning Kendall's pants is a nod to the saying "liar, liar pants on fire", which is a popular quote for when you're telling lies.
  • Mrs. Knight was wearing white, which represents an angel while Katie was wearing red, which represents the devil.
  • This is the 1st and only time Jo ever lied to Kendall.
  • This episode is the longest outro ever.
  • Both Kendall and Logan's relationships were on the line due to both of them lying to Jo and Camille, respectively.
  • Several lies mentioned before in Big Time Video & Big Time Halloween.
  • This episode and Big Time Scandal can be put together as a movie because of Lucy's crush on Kendall.
  • Moral of Episode: Lying will never get you ANYWHERE in Life, so always tell the truth!

Running Gag

  • When Kendall lies to Jo, his pants catch fire due to Buddha Bob's Bunsen Burner causing Kendall to jump in the pool.
  • Characters appearing on Kendall's shoulder and him sweeping them off.
  • Lucy attempting to patch things up with Kendall.