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"Big Time Dreams", originally known during production as "Big Time Awards Show"[citation needed], is the twelfth and final episode of the fourth season of Big Time Rush, as well as the sixty-ninth and final episode of the overall series. It originally aired on Nickelodeon on July 25, 2013.


The band is nominated for the Tween Choice Awards. They stop an evil genius who wants to hypnotize everyone in the audience as well.


The guys are invited to the 24th Tween Choice Awards where the boy banders are nominated and booked to close the show. But before the foursome can take the stage they uncover an evil plot to brainwash everyone in the audience. So BTR has to take down the bad guys and make sure the show rolls on as scheduled.


We start with a Tween Choice Awards commercial playing on the big jumbo screen at the place where the show will be held. BTR comes out to get ready for their rehearsal. Gustavo and Kelly appear in the shot to give them a pep talk. Gustavo says that all of their dreams will come true with this show. Carlos says his dream is to get a girlfriend. James says his dream is to finally kiss Lucy. Logan says his dream is to find the legendary source of goop and become invisible.

Gustavo points out that Kendall didn't say his dream. Kendall says that every time they do an hour-long T.V. special something goes wrong. Kelly asks what could go wrong followed by Gustavo who recaps that BTR is up for 5 awards, selling mac-n-cheese for life, and performing in front of 21,000,000 people worldwide. The Jennifers admit their feelings for Carlos but per usual, they tell him he needs to pick one of them.

Mrs. Knight inadvertently washes the VIP passes, causing Katie to get sad for not being able to meet Austin Mahone. She compensates by turning the apartment into a personalized VIP room to watch the TCAs alongside Mr. Bitters, Buddha Bob, Jett Stetson and other residents of The Palm Woods. She also dresses up as Sharky because in the actual VIP room, he is also hanging out with the other guests. She tries to make the event fun but Buddha Bob tells her that Sharky doesn't talk, causing her to get embarrassed.

Jett then realizes that the TCAs were the same night and finds out he was also a nominee for awesomest hair alongside James but loses, still calling it an honor to get nominated but cries over his loss. The shot of the group then shortens as it fades into a yellow control room where a man is plotting a scheme that involves the band ending with a maniacal laugh fading into the theme song.

The boys persuade Austin Mahone, Katie's celebrity crush, to let James give a purple rocket with Lucy. After a brief argument, she then reveals that she came back for James and the two finally kiss. When the Jennifers ask who Carlos will date, Alexa reveals that she's had a crush on him since BTR was formed and the two kiss, causing The Jennifers to leave and look for One Direction. BTR learns that Sharkis's plot was to use the end of their mac-and-cheese commercial to brainwash the audience. Thanks to Alexa, the boys end the plot by spraying goop over the controls and gets destroyed.

During their mission, they realize that they finally got their purple blimp for awesomest song, causing them to celebrate with joy. Sharky, the mascot for the mac-n-cheese, shows his gratitude by turning against Sharkis and letting the boys go to the stage to accept their award. They close the awards show with a performance of their song We Are, accompanied by the highlights of the show, and have their after-party at The Palm Woods. Kendall also revealed that his true dream was to actually perform at an awards show with his three best friends and is happy that it came true. Katie's dream finally comes true when the boys invited Austin Mahone to come to the party to meet her and they alongside the other Palm Woods residents end the night by celebrating with Gustavo playing the BTR theme song.

Guest Stars

Featured Song


Big Time Rush And now let's see if you're the big-time winner.

Logan Dream killer!

Nick Cannon And find out who will get gooped!

Ryan Newman Are you ready for the craziest hour on T.V.?

Sharkus Is it Wendall or Kendall?

Gustavo I hate mac-n-cheese!

Kendall No goop room. And no trouble. James (pointing to Kendall) And no dreams.

Alexa I see two girls and a cutout coming your way.

James and Carlos (about One Direction) They had a good year.


  • Carlos and Alexa Vega become a couple in this episode. Oddly in real-life, Carlos PenaVega Jr. and Alexa Vega are married.
  • Early in the episode Kendall broke the fourth wall and then he re-fixed it.
    • Also in the ending of the first part he re-broke it.
  • This episode is an hour-long episode.
  • The recording of this episode started on April 22 2013.
  • The recording of this episode ended on May 3 2013.[8]
  • Twitter posts of cast members about the episode:
    • @TheCarlosPena: Good morning! Today starts the last two weeks of filming Big Time Rush.. This finale will be epic! #May2nd #season4premiere #bittersweet [9]
    • @TheCarlosPena: Good bye crib. Thank you for 4 amazing years!! [10]
    • @CiaraBravo: Season 1 to Season 4. Ohh how the times have changed :)@HeffronDrive @ChallenCates [11]
    • ‏@StephenGlickman: The fact is @bigtimerush season 4 is ending and none of the cast knows if there will be a season 5. We all love each other and hope for more [12]
    • @StephenGlickman: Unlike last season Nick will be airing @bigtimerush Season 4 EVERY WEEK @ THE SAME TIME. So if you ALL watch it season 5 will happen. May 2nd [13]
  • The Tween Choice Awards is a parody of the Kids' Choice Awards and the pun of the Teen Choice Awards.
  • The Purple Goop is a parody of the Green Slime used at the Kids' Choice Awards.
  • The Purple Rocket is a parody of the Orange Blimp used for the Kids' Choice Awards winners.
  • Part of Big Time Dreams was filmed at the 2013 KCA.[14]
  • By the end of the series all of the guys have a girlfriend.
  • Denyse Tontz (Jennifer #1) does not return for this episode. At the time the episode was filmed, Tontz was a regular on the soap opera All My Children. A cardboard cut-out is used to stand in for her character in this episode.
  • This episode is very similar to Big Time Movie based on plot-points (both contain spy elements and a dream plot point).
  • This episode premiered exactly 5 days after the Wonder Pets episode “In the Land of Oz!”.
  • This is the series finale of Big Time Rush due to the huge decline in ratings from the 3rd season.
  • Katie finally meets Austin Mahone near the end of the episode.
  • The band changing their profile pictures red is a nod their performance in the episode.
  • Sharkis is very similar to Moon since they both tried to "take over the world" and both tried to get rid of Big Time Rush. The only main difference is that Sharkis wears a yellow suit and Moon wears a white suit.



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