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"Big Time Double Date"[1] is the fourth episode of the third season of Big Time Rush, and the forty-ninth episode of the overall series. It first aired on Nickelodeon on July 9, 2012.


The boys go out with their dates and have dinner at a fancy restaurant called Chez Fancee. Their nights at first don't start well but after a successful performance with Lucy Stone, they all celebrate alongside Gustavo.

Subplot 1[]

Carlos and Jennifer (3) are on a date. While at the restaurant, Katie and James team up and attack a waiter to try to help Carlos so he doesn't ruin his date with Jennifer by James becoming their waiter. Realizing that his night is going bad, Carlos uncovers his disguise and makes him leave by throwing him on a table and pushing him away.

Subplot 2[]

Lucy is trying to keep from her parents from finding out that she came to L.A. to become a rock star (Lucy's brother dyed his hair and became a drummer for a rock band and they sent him to military school). Kendall decides to help her by going on a double date with Lucy and keeps trying to hide any signs that Lucy is a rocker. Eventually Lucy's wig flies off thanks to James running her over and she is forced to admit that she is a rock star. Her parents end up getting disappointed but Kendall tells them that they should accept her for who she is. Kendall, Lucy and the guys take the stage and Kendall and Lucy alongside James, Logan and Carlos play "Cover Girl" on their guitars. Lucy's parents are impressed with her music and decide to accept her choice of staying in L.A.

Subplot 3[]

Camille and Logan are fighting again so Camille decides to go on a date with Jett to make Logan jealous and Logan creates a Robot to be his perfect "date" to make Camille jealous but Kendall convinces him to look for someone human to go out with. Logan goes in search of his "perfect" match with the help of Mrs. Knight and finds Lindsay (Camille describes her as a female Logan by saying he's dating himself). Camille and Jett go on a double date with Logan and Lindsay. But after having yet another fight Camille and Logan get together again.

Subplot 4[]

Gustavo needs to keep his blood pressure down by staying away from his "dogs". However he ends up in the same restaurant where all of them are (Kendall on a "double date" with Lucy and her parents, Logan on a double date with Lindsay, Camille and Jett, Carlos on a date with Jennifer 3 and James pretending to be a waiter to help Carlos out). Eventually it turns out that Gustavo's blood pressure is back to normal thanks to being around the boys instead of keeping them away. His blood pressure jumps dangerously up again after he sees the restaurant check and the boys run over to try to calm him down.

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Songs Featured[]


  • Lucy Stone returns for Season 3. Kendall tweeted: Filming a scene with the beautiful @xomalese Looking like a cute librarian!
  • Malese Jow (Lucy Stone) tweeted: Lots of funnies on set today with @HeffronDrive. Love this episode! #BTRseason3
  • Menendez Joe tweeted: Wrapped late. Fun day. Here's a pic, me w/ #BTR just b4 shooting the video for "Cover Girl" w/ #MaleseJow. #BigTimeRush
  • James Maslow tweeted: Done with the 53rd episode of BTR! Lots more to do though.@RyanSeacrest I will see you tomorrow. Night twitter peeps! Xoxo, JM
  • There were many Kucy moments in this episode.
  • Jett Stetson returns in this episode.
  • Logan creates a robot girlfriend in this episode.
  • Viewers 2.1 million [citation needed]
  • This is the first episode where Jett antagonizes someone outside of Kendall and Jo.[2]
  • By this episode Carlos has dated every one of The Jennifers at least for one episode.
  • it is revealed that Lucy's full first name is Lucille.
  • Charles Rahi Chun who played Mr. Stone previously worked with Scott Fellows on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide as the student teacher Mr. Dren.
  • This marks the first collaboration between Big Time Rush and Lucy.
  • The episode bears similarities with the Victorious episode The Great Ping Pong Scam. In both episodes, both friend groups eat at a fancy restaurant and also feature a character getting shocked after getting the restaurant check. Also both episodes featured a performance from the main protagonists.
    • Coincidentally, Victorious stars Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies made appearances on the show.

Running Gags[]

  • Gustavo orders food and it's thrown at him, knocking him out.
  • Katie shooting stuff at the boys.

Guest Stars[]


Camille: Maybe you should date science instead!

Carlos: So I guess she is going to date someone else.

James: Dude, Camille just agreed to ...
Logan: LALALALALALA! (walks away)
Kendall: He's taking this well.


Logan: Is this too weird?
Kendall: Completely!
Mrs. Knight: But impressive.

Kendall: OH MY GOD!
Lucy: Leave me alone.
Kendall: No way!

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