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"Big Time Crib" is the second episode of the first season of Big Time Rush, and the third episode of the series to air on Nickelodeon. It was first broadcast on January 22, 2010.

In the episode, the BTR boys are discontent with their boring, run-down apartment at the Palm Woods, so they hatch a plan to renovate it into the ultimate teen crib.



The boys sit on their broken couch in their lame apartment.

Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan are dissatisfied with their stained, smelly apartment. They complain to Mr. Bitters, who refuses to move them to a better one, yet prevents them from decorating and personalizing their existing apartment. Coincidentally, when they head to Rocque Records the next day, Griffin and the RCM/CBT/Globalnet Sanyoid marketers present a concept illustration for an "ultimate teen crib," complete with toys, arcade games, and an indoor swirly-slide, which they explain is a film set to be constructed for a promotional video that will promote Big Time Rush while endorsing other RCM/CBT/Globalnet Sanyoid products. Griffin explains that the corporation's founder, Fujizaki, plans to cut investment for the company's music division unless he is convinced that it is not better allocated elsewhere within the corporation. He gives Gustavo, Kelly, and the boys a mere two days to build the set, hire a director and video producer, conduct interviews, and film the actual video. As usual, Gustavo takes everything into his own hands, and declares that everything will be done locally inside Rocque Records, under his direction and command.

The crib design has left an impression on the boys, and against Logan's doubts, Kendall, James, and Carlos devise a plan to convince the construction workers to build the set in their apartment instead of at the studio. With the help of Camille, they deliver fake orders from Griffin to the builders, and with the help of Katie, they keep Gustavo away from both locations by convincing him to shoot the interview portions of the video by the Palm Woods pool. BTR initiate their plan: The Jennifers distract Mr. Bitters while James stalls Gustavo, and Carlos, Katie, and Camille pretend they are building the crib at Rocque Records and keep Kelly from becoming suspicious. Kendall and Logan, meanwhile, guide the building team to their apartment to install the swirly-slide and electronics. After two successful hours, the plan quickly begins to fall apart: Gustavo and Mr. Bitters each become suspicious of James' deliberate stalling and the Jennifers' acting stunts, and Carlos accidentally blows the studio team's cover to Kelly, who alerts security. Gustavo drags Kendall and Logan to the video set while Mr. Bitters heads upstairs to investigate the ground-shaking drilling as the builders burst into the ceiling. James springs into action as his superhero alter-ego, Bandana Man, locking Bitters in a supply closet, as Kendall, Logan, Carlos, Katie, and Camille buy enough time for the builders to finish.


Gustavo discovers the Ultra Teen Crib.

Kelly alerts Gustavo of the missing set, and he and video team head up to Apartment 2J to discover the "Ultra Teen Crib". With no time to move everything back to Rocque Records, Gustavo is forced to improvise, and they shoot the video in the apartment. Once finished, the boys watch helplessly as their new crib is demolished before their eyes. Fortunately, however, the video impresses Fujizaki and saves the future of Big Time Rush. With another successful outcome brought about by another one of the boys' unconventional schemes, Gustavo admits to Kelly that BTR is different from other bands he has produced, and reluctantly decides to throw his "dogs" a bone; The boys return to their apartment to find Katie and Mrs. Knight relaxing in a reinstated ultra-teen crib, which, thanks to a generous check, Mr. Bitters permits them to keep.



Guest starring[]



James: Let's do this! (holds up three bandanas)
Kendall, Carlos and Logan: We're not wearing bandanas.

Bitters: Why are the Jennifer's dripping KETCHUP on MY PALM WOODS?

Gustavo: I realized today, sort of, that if you really want to train dogs properly, you need to throw them a treat now and then. So...enjoy your treat. You're not getting anymore.

(Bitters breaks out of the supply closet and into the boys' room)
Logan: You locked him in the supply closet?!
James: No...bandana man did. (holds up a bandana)
Bitters: This is a total lease violation! (sees the swirly slide) ...Man. Nice swirly slide. (to the boys) I want all of you out of here...TOMORROW!
Kelly: How 'bout I add another grand to your "making it happen" fee? (takes a check and gives it to Bitters)
Bitters: Have a Palm Woods day!

James: I love being a part of the RCMCBT GlobalNet Family... but I hate their hair dryers.
Gustavo: CUT! Just say what's on the card!
James: And what? They've completely ignored ionized technology.
Gustavo: You have said NOTHING I can use for the last 2 hours!
James: (Stalling Gustavo and talking extremely slow)) and in no way am I purposely stalling you.
Gustavo: Where did you get that bandana?
James: Waffle? No thanks I already ate!"

Trivia and references[]

  • Mr. Bitters references real-life celebrities Lindsay Lohan, Shia LaBeouf, and Kanye West, revealing that they were previous tenants of Apartment 2J. Their legacies are imprinted by Lohan's chocolate-milk vomit stain on the carpet, a hole in the wall caused by LaBeouf's indoor soccer game, and the old CRT television having once been enjoyed by "Lil' Kanye West", respectively.
  • The reference pictures of BTR in the Palm Woods pool that they present to Gustavo were likely photographed during the shooting for "Big Time Audition", as their costumes and props are the same ones used in the first scene at the pool in that episode.


  • The storage room that Bitters got locked into seemingly moved from the left side of the apartment to the right side of Apartment 2J. James chases Mr. Bitters to the left before locking him in the closet, but when Bitters bursts through the wall at the end of the episode, it is to the right of the doorway.