Big Time Bloopers
Season 3
Episode number 12
Airdate November 10, 2012
Written by Dan Serafin
Directed by Scott Fellows
Prod. code 312
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"Big Time Rescue" "Big Time Marvin"
Nick Promo with iBust a Thief, BTR and HTR

Nick Promo with iBust a Thief, BTR and HTR

Credit to Missmack2610

Big Time Bloopers is the Season 3 finale of Big Time Rush, the first bloopers special of the series, and the 61st episode overall.


The boys mistakenly ruin the tape of their last episode, so they quickly set a blooper episode hosted by Stephen Kramer Glickman and Ciara Bravo.

Stephen Glickman and Ciara Bravo introduce bloopers and outtakes from the series.

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Stephen: What if Bear suit was cast in Big Time Rush?
Bear Suit: [growls]

Kendall: He goes 'Why do I have to be so delicious?'

James: Balbum? What's a balbum?

Logan: Oh great. He's doing it again, James.
Carlos: ...James (zombie like)
Logan: Oh, great.

Logan: It's his fault. I'm not even doing anything.
James: Yeah.


  • This the first episode dedicated to bloopers of the whole series.
  • The episode that the boys ruin was called Big Time Bear and was directed by Kendall Schmidt.
  • This episode is the Season 3 Finale, and it's there first season finale that didn't show the quote "And the musical journey continues..."[1] Probably because it's a blooper episode.
  • When Carlos scared Kendall, you can see Kendall was about to curse.
  • The theme song for this episode was different and Scott Fellows was mistakenly spelled Scott Flelows.
  • If you look carefully, you could see pictures & posters of the guys like Worldwide & Big Time Movie.
  • This is the last episode to 1. Air on Saturday nights since it moved to Thursdays in season 4, and 2. To air with an iCarly and How To Rock episode as both shows had their series finales shortly after this episode aired.

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