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"Big Time Blogger" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Big Time Rush, and the twelfth episode overall. It aired on Nickelodeon on April 23, 2010.


The boys must impress a well-known blogger, Deke, whose words can control their career. Gustavo hires people to train the boys to have a good "Day with Deke". Unfortunately, 5 minutes after the interview starts Deke writes a bad review, and the boys must figure out how to change his mind about them. This backfires when the boys trap Deke into liking them.

In the end, the boys talk about them only caring about themselves besides other people. They let Deke go but Deke is not happy enough to not post on his blog his negative review. Back in the studio, Gustavo, Kelly, and the guys all race to the computer and see Deke's negative review called the Big Time Truth. It starts out negatively but ends positively. The gang celebrate but still have to make videos for the Big Time Rush Blog but destroy one last time.


Meanwhile, Gustavo gets a "Scuttlebutter" account and sends out a Scutbut that he hates Brussels, the capital of Belgium (he meant to type that he hates Brussel Sprouts which he spelled Brussel sprouts and Kelly corrected him). This quickly sprouts outrage in Belgium and incites a protest movement led by Hollywood superstar Jean-Luc Varn Darn, much to Gustavo's horror.

Subplot II[]

Mr. Bitters challenges Katie to a bet to see if he wins. The first bet is where the girl can make it farther than him. But she wins. So, he made a rematch, by placing a golf ball in 3 cups. She picks the middle cup. At first, she was wrong, but Mr. Bitters looks confused. So, he decides to play hockey with Katie. She decides at it and thus, to act like chicken. So, Katie accepts, and wins by absolutely doing nothing. That means Mr. Bitters lost to a Katie 3 times. He made a bet one last time. So, Katie throws balloons to him. He finally won it, but Katie made a bet before. Everyone gives money to Katie. But she gave $20 to Mr. Bitters, for his dry cleaning.

Guest Starring[]


  • On Netflix, the descriptions for this episode and Big Time Terror are swapped.


  • Scuttlebutter is a parody of Twitter.
  • In a small lecture, Kendall mentions Anakin Skywalker joining the dark side, referencing Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith.
  • Also, the word Padawan was mentioned by Gustavo when introducing Big Time Rush to the Marketing team. This may be a reference to Ahmed Best's role as Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars franchise.
  • This is also the first time Mrs. Knight was absent.
  • Also, the Brussels leader, named Jean-Luc Varn Darn, is a parody of the Belgian actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  • The way that Belgium is depicted in a few scenes (with French berets, small pastry shops and only French writing) seems it is either Wallonia or the Capital of Belgium (French side).
  • Dak Zevon was also mentioned and seen in a picture.
  • In Australia, the episode is called Big Time Fight.
  • When Gustavo saw the protest outside his building, he could've sent an update Scuttle Butter post saying that the statement of he hates Brussels was a typo and he meant to say he hates Brussel sprouts.
  • It is confirmed by Carlos on Twitter that before filming this episode, Matthew Moy guest starred in iCarly episode, "iHave My Principals" as Shawn.
  • Running Gag: Carlos mentioning that Deke is tiny, and Mr. Fong throwing cookies at the characters.


(While the boys are answering questions with the model Deke)
James: My lucky comb. (buzz)
Carlos: Yes! (buzz) No. (buzz) Maybe... (buzz)
Logan: Anti-disestablishmen-terianism. (buzz)
Kendall: Apatosaurus?! (buzz)
James: Golden shoes. (buzz)
Logan: Cheese sticks. (buzz)
Logan: (crying, with Carlos holding him) I was seven, I didn't know what I was doing! (buzz) (after two more buzzes) Would you stop it?!
Carlos: (after four more buzzes) Violence! (buzz)
Male chief: Carlos! Violence is NEVER the answer! The correct answer is seven. (Carlos gets irritated and punches his legs)
Female chief: Okay, according to those answers, we predict Deke will think you're slightly more advanced than cavemen who like corn dogs.
Carlos: Hey! We like hot dogs too!

Bitters: And now for a true test of skill: double or nothing.
Katie: (typing on her computer) It was a friendly bet. It already is nothing, and I'm trying to think up a blog here.
Bitters: (has a table with three cups) Follow the ball, follow the ball. Where it goes, nobody knows. (he keeps moving the cups around and soon stops)
Katie: Middle.
Bitters: Wrong! (he takes the middle cup, which the ball is under) What?!

Jean-Luc Varn Darn: GUSTAVOOO!!!! I AM COMING FOR YOU!!!!!