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"Big Time Bad Boy" is the fourth episode of Big Time Rush's first season. It first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on January 29, 2010. In this episode, Griffin and Gustavo decide that Big Time Rush needs a "bad boy", and after Kendall refuses to change at the cost of his integrity, Griffin hires a rude singer named WayneWayne to join the band, which soon causes a rift between them. Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight becomes convinced that the Palm Woods' maintenance man, Buddha Bob, is a crazed murderer, and Katie struggles to convince her otherwise.

The episode's premiere had an audience of at least 3.9 million viewers.[citation needed]


Gustavo and Griffin think that the band needs a "bad boy" so Gustavo picks Kendall to fill the role. He refuses, as he doesn't want to be some poser or turn his back on the other guys, and much to the band's dismay, Griffin adds a real bad boy named WayneWayne to the band.

The boys immediately don't like WayneWayne because of his arrogant and pushy personality and they try to come up with a plan to kick him out of the band. Unfortunately, this isn't possible because WayneWayne has a contract, which states that he has the rights to be the front man of a band of his choice. Obviously, he chose Big Time Rush. He agrees, though, that five members are too many in one band and calls Griffin.

However, Camille informs the boys that WayneWayne isn't a bad boy. In fact, he's an actor whose real name is Wally Dooly and that the two of them worked together previously on The Magic Middle School. The boys confront him with this and Carlos and James tell him once Gustavo finds out he's a phony, he'll be the one to be kicked out of the band. But WayneWayne counters by telling them Griffin is the one with the real power and that he'll get rid of whoever he says. After deciding he wants to kick Kendall out of the band, the boys tell Gustavo, but he states that he has no power involving WayneWayne's position in the band. He reminds the boys that Griffin is the decision-maker. Gustavo also tells the boys that he hasn't had a successful act in years and Big Time Rush is his only chance to return to being a successful music manager. Until Gustavo returns to the top, Griffin is in charge of the decisions.

Later on, the boys, apart from Kendall, are about to sing a new song written by Gustavo until Kendall, dressed up as a "bad boy", challenges WayneWayne to a "bad boy off". When Kendall starts to win the "bad boy off", WayneWayne, desperate to prove he's badder than Kendall, goes too far and kicks Griffin in the groin, who then collapses. Griffin throws Wayne Wayne out of the band. WayneWayne insists that his contract prevents that, but Griffin tells him that he has "to make him front man of a band, but not this one". It is also revealed that the boys and Gustavo worked together in order to get rid of Wayne Wayne.

The boys come back home and see WayneWayne performing for a children group called "The Ziggle Zaggles" on TV. They switch to the news channel and see how Molly, a girl which Mrs. Knight tried to set up as a friend for Katie, sits in a car, being chased by policemen on the highway. It turns out that Molly is a 20-year old con artist who tries to apply for movie jobs in Hollywood. Kendall then points out that Molly is driving Mrs. Knight's rental car.



Mrs. Knight introduces Katie to a girl named Molly. Katie thinks that Molly looks "creepy" and doesn't want to hang out with her. Mrs. Knight tells Katie that she shouldn't judge people by their appearance. After she screams as she sees Buddha Bob lifting up an axe. The axe's blade is covered with a red liquid and Mr. Bitters is lying on the ground, which leads to Mrs. Knight thinking that Buddha Bob chopped off Mr. Bitters’ head. It turns out that Buddha Bob only sliced a jam-filled donut with his axe and that Mr. Bitters’ wanted half. Mrs. Knight then sees how Buddha Bob throws some mannequins into the dumpster mistaking them for dead bodies. She is frightened and tells Katie that she has to stay at their apartment and has to play with Molly.

Katie wants to prove that Buddha Bob is only the "maintenance guy" by unplugging the TV cable, so that Buddha Bob has to come and fix it. When Buddha Bob rings at the door, Mrs. Knight hits him with a frying pan causing him to collapse. The boys then walk, with James asking, "What's the maintenance guy doing on the floor?” Mrs. Knight is then relieved and, at the same time, confused upon hearing this.

They then watch the news and find out that Molly is a 20-year-old con artist pretending to be an 11-year-old girl. Kendall then points out that Molly is driving Mrs. Knight's rental car.


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WayneWayne: [During the Bad Boy off] My name is WayneWayne on the mic-mic. I'm badder than bad. I said the city is ours. We're gonna take it like we're mad!
Kendall: [During the Bad Boy off; pushes WayneWayne aside] Your rhymes are weak. Mine fit like a glove. Gustavo's got a face only a mother could love! (Gustavo looks shocked)
Kelly: No no no! NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Logan: Wassup, Mama Knight?
Mrs. Knight: (watching the boys bad silly behaviors)
Kendall: Gustavo says one of us has to be a bad boy.
Mrs. Knight: But you're all nice boys.

Logan: WayneWayne is a total fraud.
James: He wants to kick Kendall out of the band. (Kendall raises his arms)
Gustavo: Really? I bet on Logan.
Logan: (laughs) Well you would have LOST!
Kelly: (shows right palm) Wait, whoa. We can't let WayneWayne kick Kendall out of the band. Gustavo, what are you going to do?
Griffin: So you got rid of Kendall. (pressed the speaker) My money was on Logan.
Logan: (irritated) Why does everyone keep on saying that?

Gustavo: (In the bad boy off, where Kendall has just been wrecking Gustavo's office) (Talking about Kendall in an annoyed way) He destroyed my office, my music awards, And he used my drawer as a bathroom!
Kendall: Bad boys go where they want.
Griffin: Ooh, that's a new one. Original, and very, very bad.


  • This is Kendall Schmidt's favorite episode because despite how it is, he acts like a bad boy, he stated that in real life he's not even close to a bad boy.
  • This is Buddha Bob's first appearance on the show. He is portrayed by Daran Norris, who has worked with Scott Fellows on The Fairly OddParents (as Timmy's dad, Cosmo and Jorgen von Strangle) and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (as Gordy the Janitor).
  • Griffin says that he would never let his daughter date a bad boy. This is a reference to Mercedes Griffin who later appears in the episode Big Time Demos, portrayed by Carlie Casey.
  • It's revealed and shown that Kelly is a terrible liar.
  • This is the first time we see the boys and Gustavo working together.
  • "SnoobTube" is a parody of YouTube; it later appeared in Scott Fellows's other series, Johnny Test.
  • While playing a scene from Magic Middle School you can see a logo of a wolf. That logo was also featured as the mascot of James K. Polk Middle School in yet another series created by Scott Fellows, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
  • WayneWayne is probably a parody of Lil' Wayne. He may also be a parody to Eminem because WayneWayne said he grew up in the main streets of Detroit (before Camille Roberts corrects the guys by telling them he really grew up in a mansion in Dallas where his dad invented toast on a rope) and that's where Eminem grew up in real life.
  • When Kendall is talking to Griffin after trashing Gustavo's studio, WayneWayne is nowhere to be seen, however, in the next scene, he is seen in an area behind BTR, Griffin, Gustavo and Kelly as he is being dragged off by the studio security guards.
  • The ZiggleZaggles are a parody of The Wiggles, and this was their first appearance; they later appeared in Big Time Jobs.
  • Steven Skyler, who plays Antonio in Power Rangers Samurai, makes an appearance.
  • WayneWayne is the first character (and only minor one thus far) that wanted to change the name BTR into his name. The second is Carlos in the episode Big Time Fever when Carlos, while hanging out with Jennifers 1 and 3, wants to change the band's name to "Carlos and The Rush".
  • This is the only episode where Spencer Locke is credited as Jennifer 2 in the end credits.
  • This was supposed to be the second episode of the version of the series with the unaired pilot, according to Griffin.

Running gags[]

  • People stating that they have betted that Logan would be thrown out of the band, and Logan responding to that.
  • Kendall ranting about WayneWayne, while WayneWayne is standing behind him.
  • WayneWayne using one thing as double in his sentences, such as "Griff-Griff" and "Time-Time".
  • When WayneWayne said Kendall should be out of the band, he was mostly gonna say Logan but Camille would have probably beat him up.