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"Big Time Audition" is the hour-long series premiere of Big Time Rush, and the first episode of the show's first season. It was first broadcast on Nickelodeon on November 28, 2009, where it was promoted as a "sneak preview" for the upcoming series. The pilot focuses on how four ordinary teenage friends who are hockey players from Minnesota get a chance to go to Los Angeles, California to become the next chart-topping boy band, while going on the journey of a lifetime.



The boys flee from the field hockey team.

The episode starts with a cold open as Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell, four hockey players from Minnesota, excitedly flee from their school's girls' field hockey team, having unblocked a nearby sprinkler onto their practice session only moments ago. They are chased until they reach a dead-end, and quickly disappear under a barrage of angry hockey sticks. Meanwhile, Hollywood mega-producer Gustavo Rocque and his assistant Kelly Wainwright arrive in Minnesota via limousine, where they are holding auditions at a local Paramount performing center to help Gustavo find "a canvas with great hair that he can paint his pop on."

The boys return home, where they nurse their wounds with ice and Pussycat Dolls music videos. James, voicing his plans to marry Nicole Scherzinger, vainly boasts his talent and explains how he is destined to become a Hollywood super pop-star. A sudden and conveniently timed television advert informs them about Rocque's audtions, which end at five o'clock, only a half hour from then. Desperate, the boys frantically look for a way to get there, and hurriedly rush their elderly neighbor, Mrs. Magicowski, into her car so Logan can drive via learner's permit and help give James his best chance at achieving his dream.


Kendall mocks Gustavo.

At the ampitheater, many aspiring singers attempt to showcase their talents, none of whom impress Gustavo, who does not hesitate to hurl cruel insults at the contenders before shouting them off-stage. With only a minute to go, the four boys scramble into the waiting room, where a desperate Kelly, to their surprise, slaps call numbers onto all four of their shirts, and the four boys prepare to be called in individually. Logan goes first, only to returns horrified, scaring an already nervous James even further. Kendall reassures him that "opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime", telling his friend to do his best, and James takes the stage while his friends (and Mrs. Magicowski) secretly sneak in and watch. James starts singing, showing obvious talent, but suddenly cracks under the pressure of Gustavo's fierce glare. The merciless Gustavo berates him, causing the strong-headed Kendall to stand up for his friend. Approaching Gustavo, Kendall criticizes the mega-producer's recent failures and jumps onto the judge's table, mocking his boy band songs and dances until security pulls him away. The other boys (and Mrs. Magicowski) jump into the fight.

The group is arrested and brought back to Kendall's house, where Mrs. Knight sternly interrogates them but, to the dissatisfaction of Kendall's little sister, Katie, lets them off the hook. Their relaxation is short-lived, however, when the doorbell rings and they find Gustavo and Kelly at their doorstep. To everyone's confusion, Gustavo offers to bring Kendall out to Los Angeles, where he will record demo tracks in hopes of impressing the label's higher-ups. With offers to cover all expenses for Kendall and his family, as well as promises of fame and fortune, Kendall stubbornly refuses, stating he would rather pursue his dream of being a hockey player while, most importantly, staying beside his best friends. Gustavo exits, and Kelly leaves them her business card, as well as reimbursement money as eruptive shouts and destruction are heard outside.


Kendall works with his day job while his friends try to persuade him.

The next morning, Kendall is working his day job returning shopping carts at the local supermarket, while his friends try and persuade him to change his mind, with James retaliating Kendall's own "once in a lifetime" advice. Frustrated, Kendall asks each of them if they would drop everything and go to Hollywood if it were them in his shoes, to which they all reply yes. With a thoughtful smile, Kendall makes a phone call, and a few minutes later, a white limousine pulls up at the supermarket. Gustavo and Kelly face off with Kendall and his friends. Kendall accepts Gustavo's offer, but, to everyone's surprise, on one condition: Gustavo must bring all four of them to Hollywood and make them a singing group. Reluctant, but desperate all the same, Gustavo accepts.

Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan are driven out to Los Angeles, California, where Kelly shows them their new home at the local Palmwoods resort. The boys are in paradise: The resort boasts a large pool, which is frequented by the various aspiring stars who reside in the complex. They meet and befreind several of them: Camille, a method actress who dramtically slaps Kendall before storming off; Tyler, a juice-box commercial star whose mom forces him to act against his will; Guitar Dude, an aspiring singer-songwriter; Lightning, the "TV wonder-dog"; and The Jennifers, a trio of "triple-threat" female stars, of whom the boys are immediately enomarated by. Pausing for a moment, the boys make a pact to never let Hollywood tempt them and change who they are, which lasts a mere ten minutes before they succumb to the luxurious Hollywood lifestyle. They arrogantly approach the Jennifers and attempt to woo them, only to have smoothies thrown in their face, bringing them back to reality and realizing that they are the classic "fishes out of water".

Over at Rocque Records, Gustavo is visited by Arthur Griffin, the CEO of the RCM CBT Globalnet Sanyoid corporation, which owns the label and ultimately wields complete authority over Gustavo. Pressed for time in needing to impress their investors, Griffin coldly gives Gustavo a mere three days to turn the four Minnesota hockey-players, who have relatively little to no musical experience, into a promising boy band worthy of their time and investment. With time of the essence, Gustavo calls his "dogs" to boot camp, where various specialists are lined up to work their magic on the four boys and manufacture the perfect boy band image. Choreographer Mr. X attempts dance training, only to quit within an hour, while the wardrobe managers and marketers pitch fashion styles and names that are less than satisfactory. Gustavo's own contribution is his new song "Girl Time", a ballad in-line with his previous classic hits, all of which (with one exception of "Yard Squirrel Christmas") have the word "girl" in the name, which Kendall is quick to mock. The boys are restless, not having a break all day, and against Kelly's advisement, Gustavo orders them into the recording studio. Sick of each other, they get into a fight with pillows and sports drinks, exhausting Gustavo's last bit of hope. Afterwards, Gustavo chews them out and cruelly declares their band "dead", firing them.

Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan depressedly return to the Palmwoods, where they again fight amongst themselves until a push into the pool from Katie snaps them back to reality and makes them realize what the "Hollywood dream" is doing to their friendship. That night, while moping around the campfire, the boys innocently start singing "The Giant Turd Song", the song that Kendall had ad-libbed earlier while mocking Gustavo at the audition. When they finish, they are surprised to receive applause from everyone at the pool. The boys realize they are best when they are being themselves together, and realizing how much they love singing, Kendall recalls his earlier "once in a lifetime" pep talk and gives them a choice: Dump the puck, or big time rush.


BTR performs for Griffin.

The boys return to Rocque Records the following morning, where they apologize to Gustavo and agree to work hard under his orders, but again, with one condition: Instead of "Girl Time", they want to sing their own song, called "Big Time Rush". The new band works relentlessly in the final two days they have, training both at the studio and in their free time at the pool. On Friday afternoon, Big Time Rush performs for Griffin, who greenlights their project and gives them an additional three months to develop the band. Gustavo interrupts the boys' celebrations to warn them of how gruelling the next months will be, but working side-by-side as friends, Big Time Rush promise to give their best, and their musical journey begins.


In November 2008, a pilot episode for Big Time Rush, then titled Brand New Day, was filmed. This pilot, titled "The Audition" follows four Wisconsin skaters, played by Curt Hansen, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Logan Henderson, as they receive the opportunity of a lifetime and fly out to Los Angeles to record with mega producer Gustavo Rocque. This pilot follows the same general plotline as the later "Big Time Audition", but with several differences, most notably the presence of Curt Hansen in place of Kendall Schmidt, who replaced him later in the process.

Filming began in early 2009 but was not announced until October 2009. It aired on November 28, 2009 as a follow-up sneak preview to the official premiere on January 18, 2010. The movie took place in Los Angeles and Minnesota.


The episode's premiere garnered 3.45 million viewers.[citation needed]

Trivia and references[]

  • This is the only episode in the series not to feature the traditional opening sequence.
  • Logan's hair is noticeably darker in this episode than in all later episodes of the series, where it is dyed a slightly lighter shade of brown.
  • Gustavo's hit song "Yard Squirrel Christmas", which is highlighted as his only hit to not feature the word 'girl' in its title, is later referenced again in the second season episode Big Time Christmas.
  • The Jennifers, Lightning The TV Wonder Dog, and Tyler, who are the first residents the boys encounter at the Palmwoods pool, are parodies of The Plastics, Bolt, and the "bobble head" character from Caprisun's "Respect the Pouch" commercials.
  • Mr. X's choreography history includes Madonna, Beyonce, as well as fellow Nickelodeon property and Nick Jr. program Yo Gabba Gabba.


  • When Kelly gives Logan his number Kendall already has his number in the background.
  • When Kelly gives the boys there number the one with the 2 on it keeps on changing. (Example: one scene the 2 has a loop in it and the next scene it doesn't)
  • In the scene where the boys are talking to Tyler (who is standing in a trash can) if you look at Guitar dude in the background he has no sunglasses on. And in the next shot where Tyler introduces Guitar dude he has sunglasses on.
  • It's said that only numbered contestants are allowed in the auditorium yet when Jenny Tinkler is forced out she has no number sticker visible. It's possible that it was ripped off.
  • During the auditions when Kendall jumps onto the table his shirt is buttoned up. In the next scene where he dances the buttons are undone. After he turns around the shirt is buttoned up again.
  • Kendall says "Girl 2 My Heart" was written by Boyquake, but later episodes show it written by Boyz in the Attic.


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Kendall Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime and when they do you gotta grab it and turn that thing big time!
Logan Turn it and I predict that 90 percent chance of bodily harm and I'm talking about us, not them!
Carlos Wimp! (He puts on his helmet and run towards the T-bar and tries to turn it) It's stuck!
James I had my pop star dream again last night and this time I was wearing my lucky white v-neck and I was singing a Smoky Robinson song Tracks of my tears yeah yeah! what are we doing?
Kendall Uh the janitor left the T-bar sprinkler valve and do you want to help us soak the girls field hockey team?
James Yeah! (They both run toward it and before they turn it they look back to Logan)
Logan I gotta get new friends. (He walks over and they all turn it. They hear the girls scream)
Kendall And now we run! (They get chased by the girls)
James (While running away) This is what it's gonna be like when I'm famous! ...Only the girls won't be trying to kill me!
Kendall (About to get beat up by the Girl's Field Hockey team) Time Out!!! Carlos, give James the helmet. We gotta protect "The Face".
Carlos Right! (gives James the helmet)
James I love you guys!
Kendall Time in.

Gustavo Where am I and why am I freezing?!
Kelly You're in Minnesota.
Gustavo (pointing to the fans that were there) WHAT'S UP MINNESOTA?! (they all cheer) I hate all of them. And the state for freezing my latte. Also I need a bigger coat.
Kelly It's our last stop so just focus and try not to make everybody cry. Somewhere in here is your new big star I can feel it.
Gustavo I'M THE STAR! What I need is a canvas with great hair that I can paint my pop on. I need a singing block of wood that I can set on fire so please tell me where in... uh..
Kelly Minnesota.
Gustavo Where in Minnesota IS MY FIRE?! ----
Ciara PILE DRIVER!! [Jumps and lands on her friend and her friend's mother, causing papers to fly everywhere]

Kendall: [With the police holding him, his friends, and Mrs. Majecowsky] Mom! Remember that time I saved you from choking? Wow! That was close! And I love you.
Mrs. Majecowski: I feel so alive!

Jenny [on TV outside the auditions building] I'm going to be the next Gwen Stefani!
Kendall That's Jenny Tinkler from homeroom...
Jenny [is currently being forced out of the auditorium by security] This is madness! I'm a star! I could be the next Gwen Stefani! [sees the boys] Oh hey guys.
Kendall/James/Carlos/Logan Hey Jenny.
Jenny He's evil! I'm a star! A star!