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Bandana Man
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General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Not specified
Address: The Palm Woods
Occupation(s): Superhero
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Crib
Last appearance: Big Time Superheroes
Portrayed By: James Maslow as James Diamond

Bandana Man is James Diamond's superhero alter-ego. He first appears in the first season episode "Big Time Crib". Desperate to keep Mr. Bitters away from the construction in their apartment, Kendall asks James for help, who changes into Bandana Man and scares Bitters away by screaming loudly at him. He later has a brief cameo in "Big Time Love Song", as one of the many costumes the band wears during the music video segment for "Any Kind of Guy".

Bandana Man returns in the second season episode "Big Time Superheroes", where he forms the Supertastic Super 6 with each of Kendall, Logan, Carlos, Gustavo, and Kelly's alter-egos, in order to fight against Hawk's henchman and reclaim the Big Time Rush song recordings that Hawk stole.


  • Supersonic wave
  • Flight




  • In real life, James Maslow himself inspired the creation of Bandana Man. According to Maslow, he often wore bandanas while exercising because of his long hair, which Scott Fellows thought looked "really cool" and he decided to "create a whole character out of Bandana Man."[1]


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