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The Big Time Rush series has different album from the real life band. The reason for this is because the record label and the show are separate.

Big Time Rush

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Big Time Rush is the first album of the band, Big Time Rush. The album was released at the end of Big Time Concert. The songs of this album were revealed between Season 1 and 2.


All Over Again


All Over Again is Big Time Rush's second album in the show seen in Big Time Interview. This album is a parody of Big Time Rush's second album, Elevate. The songs of this album were revealed between Season 2, 3 and Big Time Movie.

In the episode Big Time Interview, Madison Michele says the second Big Time Rush album is called All Over Again instead of Elevate. In Big Time Superheroes, when Gustavo and Kelly are burning the songs on it you get to see some of the songs on it, like:



Get Up

Get Up is Big Time Rush's third album. This album is a parody of Big Time Rush's third album, 24/Seven.

The songs of this album were revealed in Season 4.


Other Songs

  1. The Giant Turd Song- not an actual song in any of the albums.
  2. The Mom Song- made for Mrs. Diamond as a way to keep the band together.
  3. Dance, Dance, Dance- a song by the Beach Boys. Covered by BTR on a party.
  4. Untouchable - A song created by Gustavo for Kendall's solo album in Big Time Break Out.


Holiday Bundle

  1. "All I Want For Christmas" (feat. Miranda Cosgrove)
  2. "Beautiful Christmas"
  3. Let's Stay in Our PJ's (All Christmas Long) (cartoon)
  4. 12 Days of Christmas (Big Time Rush Version) feat. Snoop Dogg

Big Time Movie

  1. Help
  2. Can't Buy Me Love
  3. We Can Work It Out
  4. Revolution
  5. A Hard Day's Night