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Atticus Moon
General Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Address: England
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Movie
Last appearance: Big Time Movie

Atticus Moon is a billionaire businessman in England and the main antagonist in Big Time Movie. He once planned on making himself the ruler of the world by using a mechanical beetle's anti-gravitational powers to push the Moon off it's orbit so people would have to surrender to him due to several natural disasters. When a rouge agent named Simon Lane squired the beetle, he had Lane abducted in an attempt to steal the beetle back only to discover it's missing.

Lane's bag that contained the beetle was mixed up with Kendall Knight's bag. At Kendall's apartment Kendall alongside Carlos, James, and Logan discover the beetle. The beetle is almost immediately confiscated by Penny Lane, Simon's daughter. Penny tried to find the beetle to clear her father's name to the agency. They would later encounter Moon himself at a deal with Moon. During the scenario both Penny's father is saved and the Beetle is lost.

While Penny and Simon give BTR weapons to face Moon (which results in Simon getting tranquilized) Moon has Kendall's little sister Katie abducted. With the plan to save Katie, Penny and BTR head to Moon's mansion. Moon finally tells them about his plot for world domination. In the resulting fight Logan and Carlos overpower Moon's henchmen, Kendall frees Katie, and James collapses on top of Moon.

Despite the fact his plan was thwarted he is still relentless in his plot and he personally holds Katie hostage leading to an immediate final confrontation outside of his mansion. Kendall begins to give in to his demands but just as Kendall hands over the Beetle Katie stomps onto Moon's foot, causing him to drop the beetle and get caught in the anti-gravity rays and he's forced into the air. It is unknown if he escaped the rays and if he did, if he even survived.


·He seems to have some character traits from other spy film villains.

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