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"Ask You Tonight" is a song by Big Time Rush, from their fourth studio album, Another Life.[2] It was released on June 2, 2023. The band wrote and recorded the track with producer Bryan Todd during a writing camp in late January 2023.[3][4] The song is a ballad, with "throwback" production, inspired by older boy bands like the Backstreet Boys. James Maslow described it as "one of the prettiest songs" the band had ever written.[5]


Credits adapted from Tidal.[1]

  • Produced by: Adam Korbesmeyer, Bryan Todd
  • Composed by: Adam Korbesmeyer, Bryan Todd, Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow, Josh Gabbard, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Nicholas Furlong
  • Drum programming by: Adam Korbesmeyer
  • Engineered by: Randy Merrill
  • Guitar: Jonathan Martin Berry
  • Keyboards: Adam Korbesmeyer
  • Mixed by: Nathan Phillips
  • Programming by: Adam Korbesmeyer, Bryan Todd
  • Strings: Tim Snider
  • Vocal production by: Bryan Todd
  • Vocals: Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson



Lyrics adapted from the band's YouTube channel.[6]

I think the writing's on the wall
I put this off for far too long
It's not so complicated when you need the one

I'm gonna tell you tonight
Everything you want to hear
And for the rest of my life
Plus like, a million more years
You're the only one I want to love
The only one, this I promise ya
If that sounds alright
I might just ask you tonight

The way time stops when I'm with you
You fix me up like I'm brand new
Now I'm no longer waiting on forever, love


No more waiting, I know you're the one
No more searching for the better half of me
I'm not playing around anymore
This is the real thing
I know it's the real thing



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