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Anything Goes is the name of a supposedly scrapped song from the second album, Elevate.

Carlos and two of his friends posted a 16 second preview of the song on his YouTube account. Later on, another preview of the song was leaked.


'Cause you won't know unless you
Try to step it up
Gotta psych Kesha
Never giving up
With shawty

Some people think I don't understand (oh no)
When I say I know my destiny (I know my destiny)
They tell me I'm just a fool for believing
But you can't stop me


  • Big Time Rush sounds more auto-tuned in this song.
  • Ke$ha may be featured in this song, because her name might've been sung twice.
  • This song may have being one of the few that didn't make it to Elevate. As Big Time Rush said that they had 25 songs but had to reduce it to 12. With Paralyzed, Blow Your Speakers and Epic being bonus tracks.
  • This song was never released since it was scrapped and never seen or heard on the air.
  • This was supposed to be from the 3rd album, 24/Seven
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