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"Any Kind of Guy" is a song by Big Time Rush, written by Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, and Charlie Midnight. The song was released as the band's second promotional single on February 2, 2010.[1]


The music and lyrics for "Any Kind of Guy" were composed by Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, and Charlie Midnight, whom Nickelodeon and Sony Music enlisted to help create original music for Big Time Rush.[2] The song was mixed by Gerrard, Travis Ference, and Hanson Hsu, with primary production and programming by Gerrard.[3]


BTR performing "Any Kind of Guy" in front of Rocqué Records.

The song first appeared in the fifth episode of Big Time Rush's first season, "Big Time Love Song". In the episode, Griffin orders Gustavo to write a slow love song for Big Time Rush, but when he tries, he struggles to make the song work. Meanwhile, the band members use the song to acoustically serenade Jo, a girl who has just moved into the Palm Woods. At the end, the boys' efforts inspire Gustavo to turn the song into an "anti-love bittersweet" anthem, and the boys perform a music video, set in front of Rocqué Records and intercut with the band dancing near the Palm Woods Pool in different outfits, such as cavemen, pirates, and James' superhero alter-ego, Bandana Man.


The full studio version of "Any Kind of Guy" was released as a digital single on iTunes and other music platforms on February 2, 2010. It is the second promotional single by Big Time Rush, following their debut single, "Big Time Rush".

"Any Kind of Guy" was later included as a bonus track on the international release of Big Time Rush's first studio album, BTR, released in 2011. Compared to the single version, the album version includes spoken words during the initial intro. The song was also included in various compilations, including the Best of Season 1 EP, The Greatest Hits, L'Intégrale, and the Ultimate Fan Edition.

Music video[]


Big Time Rush - Any Kind Of Guy

A music video, which was Big Time Rush's first "official" music video, was released for digital purchase on May 21, 2010, and uploaded to YouTube for streaming on May 25, 2010.[4] The video, directed by Ryan McNeill,[5] depicts Big Time Rush performing in front of colored backgrounds, and throughout the video, a hand raises Polaroid photographs into frame that cause the band to "change" into different outfits, such as a cowboy, football player, scientist, and policeman.

The video was filmed on February 15, 2010.[6] The band members were filmed in front of a green screen. When describing the vision for the video, McNeill said the concept came from the idea that "the song is called 'Any Kind of Guy', and the girl is trying to figure out what kind of guy she wants them to be."[5]

An alternate music video was shot for promotional use on the Nickelodeon channel, and often aired during commercial breaks around the release of "Big Time Love Song" on the same month. The video, directed by Marcus Wagner, and depicts the boys sitting and recording in a studio, cut together with footage from "Big Time Love Song".

Chart performance[]

Chart (2010) Peak


U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles 24

Credits and personnel[]

Credits transcribed from the liner notes of BTR.[3]

  • (Composed by) Matthew Gerrard, Jay Landers, Charlie Midnight
  • © 2010 M Gerrard Music (ASCAP) / Halaron Music (ASCAP) / Bay Parkway Music (BMI)
  • Produced by Matthew Gerrard
  • Arranged by Matthew Gerrard
  • Mixed by Travis Ference, Matthew Gerrard, Hanson Hsu
  • Keyboards: Matthew Gerrard
  • Guitar: Matthew Gerrard
  • Bass: Matthew Gerrard
  • Drums: Randy Cooke
  • Programmer: Matthew Gerrard


Here I am, there you are
Why does it seem so far?
Next to you is where I should be
(Where I wanna be)
Something I want so bad
Know what's inside your head
Maybe I can see what you see
(Tell me what you see)
I gotta keep believing
That everything takes time
I'll make up any reason to make you mine
If you're staying or leaving
I'll follow your lead
So why keep pretending
Open your eyes
I can be what you need

Any kind of guy you want, girl
That's the kind I'll be
Turn myself upside down
(Yes, I will, yes, I will)
Any kind of guy you want, girl
You know I'll agree
Turn your whole world around
(Yes, I will, yes, I will)
Any kind, any kind, any kind of guy you want
If you decide to change your mind
I will be there
Won't you try one more try
Be my any kind of girl
You decide
It's all right
I will be there

You seem so hard to know
Say goodbye, say hello
Then you say that it's time to go
(Now it's time to go)
Changing my point of view
Every day, something new
Anything to get next to you
(Gonna get to you)
I gotta keep believing
That everything takes time
I'll make up any reason to make you mine
If you're staying or leaving
I'll follow your lead
So why keep pretending?
Open your eyes
I can be what you need


Let me know if I'm getting through
Making you understand
If it's wrong, I'll try something new
Don't look away
'Cause I'm here to stay
If it's a game, then I'm gonna play


(Bring it back)
Any kind, any kind, any kind of guy you want
You decide
It's all right
I will be there



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