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Another Life is the fourth studio album by Big Time Rush. The album is BTR's first in nearly a decade, following 2013's 24/seven. It is scheduled to be released on June 2, 2023, as the band's first release under BMG.[1][2] The album was preceded by the release of its lead single "Waves". To support the album, the band embarked on a North American arena tour from June to August 2023.[3][4]

On October 24, 2023, the band announced they would be releasing a deluxe version of the album, expected November 10, 2023.[5]


Big Time Rush

BTR's album 24/seven (2013) was their last for several years.

After the release of BTR's third album, 24/seven in 2013, Nickelodeon did not renew the Big Time Rush series for another season.[6] Due to the entwined nature of the brand, with music released by the band often coinciding with the airing and production of the show,[7] many speculated that the band's discontinuation would follow as well.[8] However, Big Time Rush denied claims they had parted ways, and confirmed they would continue touring.[9][10] They also affirmed intentions to continue releasing music, even suggesting the possibility of another album.[11]

In February 2014, the band embarked an 11-show world tour, but did not announce any activity for the remainder of the year. In subsequent months, some media reports claimed the band was on an indefinite "hiatus".[12][13] While the individual members seldom clarified the group's status, they adamantly insisted BTR not "broken up" or otherwise permanently disbanded.[14][15] Each expressed priority for their own, individual projects, but conveyed openness to reuniting in some capacity.[13][16] All four members would maintain this stance throughout five years of inactivity.[17][18]

Big Time Rush 2021

The band went public with long-standing reunion plans in 2021.

In late 2019,[19][20] Big Time Rush agreed to reunite. Initially hoping to publicize their return in 2020, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced them to delay an official announcement, with the resulting travel restrictions and other impairments leading them to agree the timing simply "wasn't right."[21] After posting two brief videos in 2020, the band officially declared their full-on reunion on July 19, 2021, re-activating their social media pages and announcing two concert shows to be held that December.[22][23] In August, they revealed during an Instagram live that they were writing and recording brand-new music.[24] Carlos PenaVega later confirmed plans to release this music in the near future, while Kendall Schmidt described intentions to eventually put out a "body of work".[25][26]

Recording and composition[]

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted Big Time Rush's reunion plans. Social restrictions hampered opportunities for the group to gather in-person, leading them to instead connect virtually for creative sessions, speaking over video call while they each quarantined remotely.[26] They composed music over the service Zoom, sharing progress by digitally exchanging vocals and stem files. These limitations did little to impair the recording aspect, but brought unprecedented difficulty to their songwriting process.[26] Comparing their experience to those of their earlier records, the band described challenges with coordinating schedules, due in part to the physical separation.[27][28] The lack of one, shared environment also impeded creative communication with one another, with Kendall Schmidt stating "it's always easier when it's us four in the room."[26][27] The restrictions ultimately made it difficult to produce satisfying results.[21][26][27] While they composed a handful of tracks, Schmidt implied they were unlikely to be used, concluding, "If I never had to do that again, I would be happy. It's just not the same."[26]


BTR were able to reunite in-person in August 2021, for the first time since reuniting.

The group had significantly greater success late the following year, when lifting of restrictions permitted them to travel and reconcile, for the first time since reuniting.[28] As they began preparation for their December concerts, they also resumed work on new music, writing and recording with producers Adam Korbesmeyer and Nick "RAS" Furlong.[24][29] These sessions led to the completion of several tracks, including "Call It Like I See It", which shortly became the band's first new single released in over eight years.[30] A second single, "Not Giving You Up", followed in February 2022, alongside news of a full-length headlining tour scheduled for the coming summer.[31][32] BTR told press these initial, standalone songs would continue to build towards an eventual "body of work", the nature of which had yet to be decided.[33][34]

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BTR recording in Doral, Florida.

Major efforts to develop this “body of work” began in April 2022, when the band traveled and met in Florida for a two-week writing camp, aiming to work on a Spanglish project as well as “Big Time Rush music in general”.[35][36] Renting a house in Miami, they drove each day to nearby Rebel 11 Studios in Doral, where they held sessions with Latin producer Maffio.[36][37]

[38] After devoting one week to Spanglish writing, they shifted focus to their English songs, flying in Korbesmeyer to resume previous work, and working remotely with Bryan Todd.[39] This second week saw the completion of "at least 8 songs" for an English project, which they described as an EP.[35][40] The group described their "extended camp" as a rewarding "bonding experience", that allowed them to grow closer as both friends and creative partners.[36] In particular, the band relished being able to heal "old wounds" between them, namely the dividing of singing parts, and improve their ability to solve creative conflicts.[36] “Had we not broken that wall... down the line, it could have caused a lot of problems,” PenaVega reflected, grinning, “I think we’re in a good place.”[36]


The boys traveled to a "cabin in the mountains" to finish their album.

After temporarily shifting focus toward their Forever Tour, as well as other, standalone releases, production for the English EP resumed in early 2023. In late January, the band and their team rented a "cabin in the mountains" together, where they held another week of dedicated creative sessions, similar to the Miami camp.[41] Joined again by Korbesmeyer and RAS, as well as Will Ventres and Bryan Todd, they devoted "4-5" days to advancing progress.[42][43] Carlos PenaVega told fans "the goal is to get a lot of songs for you guys," while James Maslow declared the band "had an album to finish" in an Instagram story.[41][42] Maslow's caption was the first indication that the band's upcoming English project would be a full-length album. From then on, all members referred to the project as such.[44][45] BTR met one final week in March for final touch-ups, officially wrapping production on April 2.[46]

Release and promotion[]

Promotion for the album began with #BTRDAY, a promotional event where the mayor of Duluth, Minnesota officially designated April 4 as "Big Time Rush Day".[47] A corresponding press release, issued March 31, reported the band would be releasing a new album on June 9.[48] On April 4, during the Duluth event, BTR confirmed the date on Twitter, also announcing a new single coming May 3.[49] On April 30, BTR revealed the title and tracklist for the album.[50][51] The lead single "Waves" was released on May 3, alongside a music video.[52] Its premiere was followed by an "Afterparty" event on YouTube Premium, where Big Time Rush answered questions about the song and upcoming album.[53] On May 5, it was announced the release date had been moved up one week, to June 2.[1] The new date will coincide with a live performance on the Today Show.[54]


The album will be supported by the Can't Get Enough Tour.

Another Life will be BTR's first full release via BMG, with whom the band signed a record deal in February.[2] The album is supported by the band's summer 2023 Can't Get Enough Tour, previously announced on February 6.[4] Its announcement coincided with the release of the eponymous single, which is re-included on the album. In an interview with People Magazine, the band confirmed their intent to release the album prior to the start of tour.[55]

Track listing[]

Song credits adapted from Tidal.[56]

1."Can't Get Enough"Adam Korbesmeyer, Candace Sosa, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVegaKorbesmeyer3:26
2."Waves"Will Ventres, Tyler Shamy, Schmidt, HendersonVentres3:15
3."I Just Want To (Party All the Time)"James Johnson, Nick Furlong, Ventres, Maslow, Schmidt, PenaVega, Henderson, Spencer Nezey, KorbesmeyerRAS, Ventres2:15
4."Weekends"Bryan Todd, Maslow, Schmidt, PenaVega, Henderson, Josh Gabbard, FurlongTodd, Ventres3:05
5."Work for It"Korbesmeyer, Schmidt, SosaKorbesmeyer2:34
6."Forget You Now"Carlos Ariel Peralta, Maslow, Schmidt, PenaVega, Henderson, Ventres, FurlongMaffio, Ventres3:16
7."Brand New"Korbesmeyer, Schmidt, Henderson, Sophie Rose, SosaKorbesmeyer3:37
8."Ask You Tonight"Korbesmeyer, Maslow, Schmidt, PenaVega, Henderson, Gabbard, Furlong, ToddKorbesmeyer, Todd3:00
9."Superstitious"Ventres, Maslow, Schmidt, PenaVega, Henderson, Homero GallardoVentres3:14
10."Another Life"Korbesmeyer, Schmidt, Henderson, Furlong, AmezagaKorbesmeyer, RAS2:32
Deluxe edition
11."Shot in the Dark"Justin Scott Franks, Brandon Michael Green, Todd BallardVentres3:09
12."Learn to Love"Korbesmeyer, Catherine Allison Ward, David Ryan Harris, Jerry Lang II, Schmidt, Henderson, FurlongCut&Dry2:34
13."Dreamworld"Todd, Gabbard, Henderson, Schmidt, PenaVega, MaslowBryan Todd2:47
14."Your Way"Schmidt, Henderson, Sosa, KorbesmeyerKorbesmeyer2:41
15."Weekends" (Acoustic)Todd, Maslow, Schmidt, PenaVega, Henderson, Gabbard, FurlongTodd, Ventres3:09

Release history[]

List of regions, release dates, showing formats, label, editions and references
Region Date Formats Label Ref.
Various June 2, 2023 Digital download, streaming BMG [1]
July 2023 CD [2]
September 2023 LP [3]


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