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Alexa Ellesse PenaVega (née Vega; born August 27, 1988) is an American actress, singer, and author.[1] She began her acting career at four years old, starring in the blockbuster Twister before making her breakthrough as Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids film series. She stands at 5’6”

Vega is married to actor and Big Time Rush member Carlos PenaVega. She also guest-starred as herself in the fourth season and series finale of Big Time Rush, "Big Time Dreams".

Early life and family[]

PenaVega was born in Miami, Florida,[2] to fashion photographer and CIA student informer Baruch Vega, and former model Gina Rue. Her family moved to a horse ranch in Ocala shortly after.[2][3] Vega's father is of Colombian descent, while her mother is from the southern United States. She is the oldest of six siblings, including actress Makenzie Vega. Their family relocated again to Los Angeles, California, when Vega was four years old.[4] She attended Notre Dame Catholic High School as a teenager.[5]



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Vega guest starred as a fictional version of herself in the fourth season and series finale of Big Time Rush, "Big Time Dreams".[6] Referencing her role in the Spy Kids film series, Vega is an intelligence spy, and is working to uncover a secret plot at the Tween Choice Awards show, where she encounters BTR. At the end of the episode, she reveals she had a crush on Carlos since Big Time Rush formed, and the two share a kiss and begin dating.

Other ventures[]


In May 2015, the PenaVegas began a YouTube vlog series called Lex and Los.[7] Having previously done "some sit-down" videos, Carlos said the ideas "evolved" and eventually inspired a vlog.[8] Their videos followed their daily adventures and vacations, before shifting in 2016 to cover Alexa's pregnancy with their first son, Ocean, and later those of son Kingston and daughter Rio Rey as well. In March 2022, they renamed their series and channel to "La Vida PenaVega."[9] The re-launching aims to "chronicle their family life."[10]

Brand deals and entrepreneurship[]

In August 2018, PenaVega and her husband became brand ambassadors for the multilevel marketing company Young Living.[11] The couple have promoted its essential oil products on their YouTube channel and individual social media accounts.[12][13][14] PenaVega herself is an avid backer of essential oils,[15] having said she "[uses them] for everything" and that she "tries to find the most natural choices" for her and her children.[16] In January 2020, the actress launched an Instagram account called Oil Inspired, where she promotes various oil brands.[17] On her many public platforms, PenaVega has made scientifically unfounded[18][19] claims that Young Living and other products provide "healing"[16] and other therapeutic-grade qualities, such as an alleged power to "promote feelings of wellness,"[20] and elevate "courage, confidence, and self-esteem."[21] She and her husband have encouraged using "natural remedies" to treat "illnesses and injuries," in substitute of clinically proven alternatives.[22]

In 2019, the PenaVegas founded Hapbee Company, an organic skincare brand, along with brothers Kendall and Kevin Schmidt.[23][24] The business aims to "innovate, produce, and deliver quality products in partnership with mother nature."[25] It sells products such as deodorant, jelly, and toothpaste.[13]


In June 2022, the PenaVegas published a memoir titled What If Love Is The Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World. On October 16, 2022, they published a children's book titled Ocean's World.[26]

Personal life[]

Vega began dating American film producer Sean Covel in September 2008.[citation needed] The couple became engaged in November 2009,[27] and married on October 10, 2010, in Covel's hometown of Lead, South Dakota.[28] In July 2012, Vega announced she had filed for divorce from Covel, citing irreconcilable differences.[29]

In 2012, Vega met actor and Big Time Rush member Carlos Pena Jr. at a Bible study.[30][31] They were engaged in September 2013,[32] and married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on January 4, 2013.[33] The couple lived together in Los Angeles, California, before relocating to Maui in 2017.[34] They have three children together: Ocean King, 5, Kingston James, 3, and Rio Rey, 2.[35]

PenaVega has described herself as a devout Christian.[36][1] She was raised in a Christian home,[37] and attended a Catholic school.[5] While her family "never went to church" in her youth, she began attending a Bible study after her divorce in 2012, and began "prioritizing" her faith.[30] She has described her faith as "the number one thing" above all else in her life.[38] The actress has starred in many "faith-based" Christian films, explaining "My husband and I said that what we want to do is to take our faith and make worldly content, but with the morals and values of what Christianity is about."[39] In 2017, the PenaVegas launched their "Cross Your Heart” clothing brand, stating their mission to "spread Love, Grace and Light across the globe."[40][41][39] In June 2022, they wrote and published a joint memoir titled What If Love Is the Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World.[42]

Political beliefs and activism[]

In September 2022, PenaVega and her husband Carlos featured in an episode of "The Right View" podcast, a right-wing political talk show hosted by conservative television producer Lara Trump.[43] Taking a stance on politics, Alexa explained it "isn't something I'm passionate about – it's something I'm interested in, but not super passionate about."[44] When asked if either would consider running for political office in the future, the actress quipped "I feel like we're watching Scandal in real life," alluding to the current U.S. administration led by Democratic President Joe Biden.[44] She then joked "maybe I could run for office" and "fix this mess".[44] The pair have been criticized on social media for allegedly supporting the Republican Party.[45]

In March 2023, PenaVega guest-starred in an episode of the Students for Life podcast "Speak Out,"[46] in which she declared herself a "hardcore pro-life" advocate.[47][48] Speaking to host Christine Yeargin, the actress attributed her evangelical Christian faith as motivating her stance,[49] and affirmed her belief that "you either believe in life as life as a whole, and you see babies, whether babies are in the womb or outside of the womb, as life or you don't."[48] She proudly recounted how the year prior, she had solicited an underage fan over social media and discouraged her from seeking an abortion.[49][50] PenaVega established her position as anti-abortion, explaining "I believe that you're killing life [in an abortion]," and claiming that "the child in the womb" (referring to an embryo) is biologically equivalent to "a human life."[48] The actress did not offer any scientific evidence to support her claims. When asked if rape victims were exempt from her stance, PenaVega responded, "in my personal opinion, no."[51]

PenaVega has publicly voiced her decision not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.[52][53] In October 2021, the actress expressed support for fellow Dancing with the Stars co-star Candace Bure, when she posted via Instagram a photo reading "I'm not Anti-V; I'm just pro-sunlight, exercise, real food, and vitamins."[54] Under the post, which discouraged taking medical precautions against the COVID-19 virus, PenaVega replied with a series of clapping and hand-raising emojis, as husband Carlos wrote "LOVE. SUPPORT. LET'S GO." followed by a fist-bump emoji.[55]


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