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"3 2 1" is a song written by Damon Sharpe, Eric Sanicola, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega, and James Maslow. It was written and recorded for Big Time Rush's third studio album, 24/seven. It was later scrapped from the album, and was subsequently picked up by the South Korean boy band SHINee, who recorded and released their own version of "3 2 1" as their ninth single on December 4, 2013.

In July 2013, a now-defunct music organization named Music180 published a collection of songs, belonging to the Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Jordan Palmer, to their SoundCloud profile.[2] Among these files was a demo recording of Big Time Rush's version of "3 2 1".[3] The existence of the webpage was largely unknown until it was discovered by fans in 2022.

Composition and recording[]

BTR members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Carlos PenaVega co-wrote "3 2 1" with Damon Sharpe and Eric Sanicola in late January 2013, during creative sessions for their then-forthcoming third album, 24/seven.[4] While most of the band's later material was written independently from the Big Time Rush television series, "3 2 1" was written with a particular episode of the show in mind.[5] According to Maslow, the song was cut when another song "made for sense" for the relevant episode.[5]

Jordan Palmer, who often worked with Sanicola, may also have contributed to the song's composition.[2] In the performance rights organization ASCAP, a registration titled "321 Change It Up" is credited to Palmer and Sanicola.[6]

SHINee's version[]

After "3 2 1" was scrapped from 24/seven, the South Korean boy band SHINee expressed interest in recording the track, and released their own version as a single on December 4, 2013.[5] Ahead of the single release, on November 20, 2013, a music mini-video premiered.[7] It was later included on the band's third Japanese studio album, I'm Your Boy, released on September 24, 2014. Natsumi Kobayashi re-wrote the lyrics for SHINee's version.[8] Damon Sharpe's vocals, as well as remnants of BTR's, are mixed in the background of SHINee's version.[9]


One, two, three, four

Same old start every day, I’m about to break
Suit and tie, nine-to-five, ‘bout to drive you insane
Look around, everybody keeps playing the same
Game, game, game
Sometimes you need to make a scene
Jump out your car, and party in the streets
And break it down, are you ready now
You ready now?

Three, two, one
We’re gonna change it up
We’re gonna change it up, alright
No reruns
We’re gonna change it up
We’re gonna flip the switch tonight
So come on, come on
Yeah, there’s something missing
Come on, come on
Here’s to something different
Come on, come on
Now we’re gonna change it up
In three, two, one

Same old song on repeat and I’m bored of it
Skipping past every track, I can’t listen to this
Holding on to your past, better loosen your
Grip, grip, grip
It’s hard to breathe, I know I need
To shake it up and change the recipe
I break it down, are you ready now
You ready now?


And now, something different…

Sometimes you need to make a scene
Jump out the car and party in the street
And break it down, are you ready now
You ready now?
Here we go!

Chorus 2x



  • On February 2, 2013, Carlos PenaVega referenced a lyric from the song, tweeting "We're Ganna flip the switch tonight!"[10]


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