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Big Time Rush
Released June 11, 2013 [1]
Recorded 2012-2013
Length 32:49 (Standard)
48:55 (Deluxe)
Label Nick Records and Columbia Records
Produced by Damon Sharpe, Matt Squire, "The Suspsex", Austin Bis, Eric Sanicola, Chris DeStefano, Blueprint

24/Seven[2] is the third studio album by American boy band Big Time Rush. The production process of the album started between January and February 2012 and finished in March 2013, most of which was during their touring process. The band is also finishing the filming of the fourth season of the series. The album is preceded by the promotional single "Like Nobody's Around", which saw its premiere on VEVO during the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards.

The album will act as the soundtrack to the Nickelodeon television series, Big Time Rush, which will feature songs that appear in the series’ upcoming fourth season. Motivated from songwriting that took place on the previous album, Elevate, the group became heavily involved in the songwriting process for the album. Kendall Schmidt confirmed that the group had recorded 40 - 50 new songs for the album, a majority of which were written by Big Time Rush.

On the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Carlos announced that the album will be released somewhere in June, 2013. The album will be able for pre-order on April 30, 2013.[3] The track list and the album release date (June 11, 2013) were revealed on April 29, 2013 on EW while the cover photo was revealed on Cambio.

According to the Billboard Website, 24/Seven has sold around 35,000 copies and will debut #4 on the billboard top 200.[4]


The name of the album was revealed between hints from the guys in interviews and in their own tweets which gave rise to many rumors stating that the album is going to be called "24/Seven". The guys officially announced the name of the album on April 15, 2013 on Cambio's Live Chat.[5][6]

  • Carlos Pena Jr.'s tweets
    • 24/7 :) [8]
    • Rehearsing for the grove!! Excited to be performing a new song from the album # 24seven !! #crazyforu #btr #btr@thegrove[9]
    • #24seven #SummerBreakTour!!! Get your tickets!! #May2nd BTR SEASON 4!!! #premiere[10]
  • Kendall Schmidt tweets
    • #Rushers are the best! 24/seven 365 days a year! #ThereIsOnlyLoveHere[11]
    • L.A.!!! Come to @TheGroveLA this Monday (3PM) for a live taping with @ExtraTV! Details: #24seven [12]
    • Who's gonna watch us on @cambio tomorrow @jamesmaslow @TheCarlosPena @1LoganHenderson #24seven [13]
    • #24Seven [14]
    • RT @TheCarlosPena: Rehearsing for the grove!! Excited to be performing a new song from the album #24seven !! #crazyforu #btr #btr @thegrove [15]

Also on April 8, 2013, Kendall, James and Logan appeared on the show, "Jojo on the Radio". Jojo Wright asked them the name of the album, while the guys didn't mentioned the name of the album, Jojo kept repeating 24/7 in his conversation with them. Given hint that the album is called 24/Seven.[16]


Kendall revealed that they recorded over 40-50 new songs plus 12-20 songs from the two previous albums, BTR and Elevate, but that they will have to reduce them to make the album.[17]

“This album is going to be 95% written by us,” Kendall said. Carlos recently said they wrote a song on the new album that has a female rapper collaboration part. He also said he doesn't want Nicki Minaj to be the female rapper on their album.[18]

Kendall made a video to give thanks to his Rushers for helping him reach 1 million followers on Twitter and announcing the name of the new album but he blocking it as a way to teased them.


Summer Break Tour

A tour for the album was announced on March 29, 2013 with Victoria Justice, with the title “Summer Break”. The tour started on June 21, 2013 in Universal City, California.

Track List

Beginning on April 26, 2013, Big Time Rush began releasing photos for various songs on the album via Instagram and Google Plus. The band revealed the track list for the album on April 29, 2013, on the magazine Entertainment Weekly.[19][20]

It was also revealed that the "24/Seven" would be released with a standard edition and a deluxe edition with bonus tracks.








Damon Sharpe, Jeremy Skaller, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr, Logan Henderson, Jamil "Digi" Chammas, Justin Lucas & Ameerah Roelants

OFM, Sharpe



"Like Nobody's Around"  

Jason Evigan, Mitch Allen, Emily Wright, Claude Kelly, Austin Bisnow

Squire, "The Suspex," Austin Bisnow



"Get Up"  

Matt Squire, Matt Thiessen, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson

Matt Squire



"Song for You(featuring Karmin)

Ryan Ogren, Nick Bailey, Rami Jrade, Megan Perry, Amy Heidmann, Nick Noonan

The Blueprint



"Run Wild"  

Damon Sharpe, James Maslow, Eric Sanicola, Matty Nyberg

Sanicola, Sharpe



"Crazy for U"  

Damon Sharpe, Jeremy Skaller, Kendall Schmidt, Robert Larow

OFM, Sharpe



"Picture This"  

Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Carlos Pena Jr., James Maslow

DeStefano, Sharpe



"Confetti Falling"  

Jeremy Skaller, Khaled Rohaim, Rob Larow, August Rigo, Big Time Rush (band)

OFM, Sharpe




Dan Book, Alexi Misoul, James Maslow, Dave Katz

Book, Misoul



"We Are"  

Jeff Halavacs, Francisca Hall, Kendall Schmidt

Halatrax, Sharpe


Total length:


Other Songs

A list of the songs that didn't make it to the final cut of the album.

  1. Words Mean Nothing
  2. Blink
  3. Featuring You
  4. Falling Apart
  5. Cruise Control
  6. As Long As I Believe
  7. Young Love
  8. My Song For You
  9. Anything
  10. Worldwide (Spanish Version)
  11. She Drives
  12. Do It All Again
  13. Next Step
  14. Tonight is a Fairytale
  15. Don't Stop
  16. It Is What It Is
  17. Rich Girl
  18. First Time
  19. Everyday Girl
  20. Redlight Greenlight


"24/seven" was released on June 19, 2013 along with its music video. The song was written by Damon Sharpe, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Jeremy Skaller, Jamil "Digi" Chammas, Justin Lucas, and Ameerah Roelants; it was produced by OFM and Sharpe.[21]

Promotional Single

Like Nobody's Around was released as the album's first single on March 23, 2013 after the KCA. The music video gives tribute to past boy bands like Jackson 5, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Its music video premiere on VEVO during the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards. The song became available for digital download on April 30, 2013 when the album was released on iTunes for pre order.

  • On June 1, 2013, "Confetti Falling" was made the second promotional single along with the release of its music video.
  • Lost in Love - On June 14, 2013, Lost in Love got over 1,500 VOTES and debuts at #1 on the #Hot4At4 countdown in Kiss 985 Buffalo.[22]


  • "With Big Time Rush finishing up their 3rd album on the road, new music details are starting to surface. Two songs have hit the internet (She Drives and Words Mean Nothing) in the past couple of months creating a lot of talk about the possible release of a 2012 album. Adding to the anticipating, the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) added “Blink” to BTR’s profile this week. The song was originally recorded by UK duo, UVUK. None of the songs have been confirmed for the 3rd album. This is all speculation, but it doesn’t hurt to get a little excited!"
  • Intermission isn't part of this album. The reasons are:
  1. Intermission was a track for Elevate.
  2. Intermission has been leaked on the Internet. One of the reason it was removed from Elevate and may have been replaced by Time of Our Life.
  • Superstar has been released on Elevate. There's a rumor that there is a possible version with Pitbull but neither artists have said anything about it.
  • She Drives will not be part of the 3rd album but was supposed to be released in February 2013. The song will be available for download on Nicholas "RAS" Furlong's Facebook. [23]
  • Windows Down was supposed to be the first single for the third album but it was changed and was integrated on the album Elevate instead. Logan, Carlos and Kendall revealed it won't be on the third album in an interview on The David Show [24].
  • Kendall Schmidt wrote more songs than James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson, making him the one most involved in the songwriting process.
  • On April 20, 2013, an unfinished version of the album was leaked online. Confetti Falling, Picture This and We Are, were the only ones not changed before the album was released.
  • The album was released in Germany three days before the US release.
  • This album had the most leaked songs than all the others. This is the 2nd BTR album where the name is also a song on the album. The first being Elevate


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