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"Count on You" es una canción del álbum BTR es cantada junto con la artista Jordin Sparks, y fue estrenada en el capítulo "Big Time Sparks".

Letra []

Now I'm about to give you my heart

but remember this one thing

I've never been in love before

so you gotta go easy on me.

I heard love is dangerous

once you fall you never get enough

but the thougth of you leavinin

ain't soy easy for me.

Don't hurt me

desert me

don't give up on me

What would I wonna do that for?

Don't use me

take advantage for me

make me sorry I ever count on you.

1,2,3,4 to 5 baby, I'm couting on you (x4)

Understand I've been here before,

thougth I found someone I finally could adore

but you faile my test

got to know her better saw I wasn´t the only one.

But I'm willing to put my trush you

baby you can put you trust in me.

Just like a cout to 3,

you can count on me and you're never gonna see.

No numbers in my pocket.

anything I'm doing girl I'll drop it for you

cuz you're the one I'm giving my heart to 

but I gotta be the only one.

Don't hurt me

desert me

Don't give up on me

what would I wanna do that for?

Don't use me

take advantage of me

make me sorry I ever counted on you....

Vídeo oficial[]


Big Time Rush ft. Jordin Sparks - Counting On You